• An academic Career Advisor is a responsible and well-known person, who through personal interviews with the concerned people such as  (students, unemployed, parents, etc.), is able to provide the necessary resources for your future decisions. It can help you realize your interests, your skills, your inner self, the gifts you have and yourself and most important to discover together which profession/career is more suitable for you

Why do we need help/advice from an Academic Career Advisor?

If you're a student

Early and well-structured professional guidance, at the youngest possible age, helps in the right decision for the future selection of studies, but also for vocational rehabilitation. Through the right guidance, the student is given the opportunity to understand his particular inclinations and abilities, while in addition and more importantly, he is given the opportunity to perceive himself.


If you are an Academic Student

There are not a few times when students start their studies in a field, while somewhere in the middle or just before they graduate, they discover that this is not the object that motivates them. Also, after finishing their studies what is the next step?

If you're a parent/Guardian

Anxiety about the future and the careers of their children and the ignorance of what is around us in the field of choice of study but also in the field of work

If you're unemployed

Guidance on job security, building a good CV, and market research

Our team has the professional experience and tools to provide high-quality academic consultancy services

Katerina Gianni
Student consultancy Agent for Cyprus and Greece 
Aida Shams
Student consultancy Agent for international students 
Andreas Constantinou
Managing director