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UAGC is not just an academic gate for students only.
If you are wondering what else we do for you then read below.


The largest and most comprehensive search engine  

Do you want to have access as a professional to the biggest universities' search engine in Cyprus? then you are at the right platform!

Updated information

Is it important for you as an agent-adviser to have updated and specialized information from a local academic platform for Local Universities or private schools? We do that. We do provide insights to our agents.

Save time while building your own UAGC back-office  

We do understand the value of time for our partners. That is what we give the opportunity to our agents to create their own back-office and see all the applications and statuses live and online.

Multiple applications

Our agents can apply for multiple applications through a single online application we take care of the rest!  


Pay online as many applications you create to any university you choose safely and be informed of the status of each application!

Build trust

Trust is not an attribute that builds on its own. But specific characteristics are considered an added value. The fact that we are located in the same country the student will come for studies means immediately that we are next to the student from A to Z.


The accommodation is always a fuzzy topic among the students and advisers. Not anymore. UAGC has a variety of solutions directly through dorms owners, real estate agent’s property owners and helps the student to find the best possible solution.

Language barrier

If there is a problem with language, we do give solutions. Our employees might cover that matter or our translators will.

Student family or pupil visas

We do understand the matters of visas. we take care of either student's visa or normal entering visas for families who wants to be next to their children while studying. Especially for students willing to transfer their studies to private high schools, boarding, or day schools. UAGC offers legal advice in-house and follow-up procedures through our legal advisor.

Direct contact with UAGC Partners

You do not have to be in touch with any of our partners. We are in constant communication with our partners assisting on time and in the best possible way our agents/advisors.


Who can become our agent/advisor 



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