Private Institutions of Higher Education:


  • Currently, 43 private institutions of higher education are registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture.


  • Can also offer higher education programs of high-quality standards thus equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for work in a contemporary global marketplace. 



The number of students in Cyprus is increasing rapidly. The following graph shows the number of students from Cyprus, Europe, and other countries for the academic years 2016-2019.

Source: Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports & Youth


Over the last decade,

Cyprus has been aiming to evolve into a leading educational destination for this region.

The two-state universities are ranked among the 500 best universities in the world and the private institutions/universities have been operating for over 50 years earning global awards and accreditation. 

All private educational institutions are accredited from nearly every university worldwide where students can transfer credits to virtually any other university internationally. A wide range of courses and curricula is taught in English as well as in Greek in both state and private universities.


Educational system - Universities and colleges

Typically, the duration of studies set at   4   years Follows an American-style curriculum where the student has core and optional modules Additionally, students are offered to attend courses held by professional bodies such as ACA or ICAEW.

The majority of professors are UK and US university graduates and hold a PhD degree which, incidentally, is mandatory to pursue an academic career in Cyprus.

 Many renowned universities from across Europe and the UK operate branches in Cyprus.