Cyprus education at a glance

UAGC chooses to promote Cyprus as an educational hub for various reasons and benefits one can immediately identify. Safety, variety in terms of study programs, quality of life, quality of study and many more are some attributes of staying and studying in Cyprus.

A vibrant lifestyle, especially during autumn and summer, is always a hot issue for a youngster when choosing an educational destination.

Did you know that Cyprus voted during the last decade as the safest island in Europe?

Apart from safety, you know that one can study medicine, dentistry, English literature business, nursing, and many more at Cyprus Universities.

Quality is not a word that one can just claim. But others would approve of it. Well, Cyprus universities are recognized all over the world. UK, USA and European Universities are a few of them. And yes, you can transfer your credits to most of these country’s universities.

No one can deny that cost of living and fees is the ‘million dollars’ question. But the answer is way cheaper. Fees start from 4000e. On the other hand, the cost of living in Cyprus is among the lowest in European developed countries.

Somebody will, of course, ask where I am going to stay. Well, accommodation for students was never as easy as it is now. Nonetheless low cost as well. Dorms monthly rent starts at 350e per month including internet, electricity, water. Security also characterizes the doors.  

Of course, there are academic visa requirements. Then again, with a bit of patient and following UAGC procedures is becoming a simple task.

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