All of the universities offer a variety of Distance learning programs. The languages in which these programs are conducted are either Greek or English. Usually, distance learning programs can save you money from tuition fees as well as living and transportation expenses.  You can search for the programs here 
Some tips for choosing the right distance learning program:
    • Choose a suitable course for you.
    • Check the language the program is in. This can be found in the program description.
    • Have in mind, that you also need to check carefully whether you have to do the exams on campus or not.
    • If you are planning to go back to your country clarify if Distance learning programs are accredited in your country through the appropriate governmental body in your country.

Erasmus programs are designed specifically for students who are seeking to gain international experience through studying part of their degree in another country within Europe. Erasmus programs usually held between the second or the third year, and can last between 6 to 12 months. Most of the Cyprus instructions are participate to Erasmus program have numerous agreements and alliances with institutions from various countries in order to satisfy the needs of Erasmus students.
To be eligible, you have to register with an institution that provides Erasmus programs. Also, the course you will enroll in needs to be relevant and also provide you with the chance to continue your studies in another country for a limited period. Your time spent abroad should be relevant to your degree and be also part of your program of study.
Students that are eligible to apply for the Erasmus program do not have to pay any fees, also there are some grants available for helping them with the living cost. Students with mental or physical health-related conditions are also eligible to attend to an Erasmus program. All this information you can find by visiting the relevant department at the University.
You can find more information at this link  ( Erasmus Charter holders’ list.) or here  ( list of European partner countries).
For more detailed information, see Erasmus info for students and the list of European partner countries.
What is an internship? It gives you the opportunity to study and work at the same time in the same field of your studies. Many companies offering internship positions while studying or during the summer.  Usually, internship positions refer to second- or third-year students. This is because the employers are looking for mature students with the basic academic background
Students benefit
    • Work atmosphere
    • Getting aware of the job responsibilities
    • Becoming keen on the business environment
    • Experience
    • Adding on your CV
    • You may be able to employ at the same employer after graduation
    • Do not forget you can always ask your university about it. They will guide you accordingly.