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Nowadays, new graduates or existing students are strangling with employability. Most employers and job descriptions have as a priority ''experience'' in the corresponding industry. 

Have you ever asked yourself, ''Why does an employer seek experience?'

  • Save time from training and teaching
  • Save money since they will not train the new employee 
  • Expecting new ideas
  • Quickly adapt to the working environment 
  • Upgraded Social skills 
  • Familiar with the business environment 

How can a new graduate manage to overcome what the employer asks? 
The term Upskiling used lately, especially for employees who want to improve their abilities and professional knowledge. 
What if an existing student or new graduate starts by upskilling?
How can we compete with the need for additional experience to get hired in the proper position?  
Our UAGC career counselor can answer these questions in detail in one-to-one or team online sessions.

Seminar details 

1. Industry Analysis

  • Guidelines for your preferred industry.
  • Opportunities within the particular industry and providing information for potential employers. 

2. How to search for a job. 

  • Before sending an application.
  • Match your academic background with a job description
  •  Choosing your employer wisely   

3.  Upskilling or reskilling using local or international sources.

  • We explain to you the reasons why you have to upskill your existing academic background with a professional qualification seminar or similar.
  • Sources you can follow for upskilling or reskilling locally or internationally. 
  • Approximate costs
  • Benefit through Upskilling or reskilling and how it will help you to find a job. 

4. Interviews guidance

  • Interview structure
  • During an interview.
  • Present yourself
  • Personal attributes you must focus on
  • Professional skills you must focus on

 Cost: 25euros 

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 Dates. 23/03 & 30/04 & 6/04

Time: 18:00-19:00

You will receive an email with all the details. 

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