Tuition fees


The tuition fees will be mentioned in the course description after you select it and before you apply. There is a minimum advance payment of course, but most of the institutions accept payments in instalments to settle the remainder of the tuition fees. Again, all these details will be laid out in the acceptance letter.



Universities tuitions fees in Euros

Colleges tuitions fees in Euros



Up to 6000 per year


Up to 10000 Per year

Up to 7000 per year

Masters Ma, MSc LLB

Up to 14000 Per Program

Up to 10000 per program


Up to 15000 Per Program



Up to 18000 per year



Up to 19000 per year



Managing your money


Students tend to spend more than they should at first due a lack of money management. Here are some tips for avoiding that

    1. Set a monthly budget for yourself e.g. (accommodation Food, grocery going out)
    2. Stick to your budget

If you find it difficult to control your budget, consider paying in advance for your accommodation so at least you have your most essential cost covered (that’s why a good option are the dorms where it’s all included).