1st appointment


   One to one interview

(Through the open-ended questions, the Counsellor wishes to know the history, the abilities, the interests, the restlessness, the thoughts of the person who has opposite him with the purpose of getting the necessary help he needs)


        ARISTON TEST ( Psychometric test) 



Do the Ariston Test, ONLINE and safely from the comfort of your own home. Ariston is a specialized professional consulting system that uses advanced rules, algorithms and mathematical models to identify the profession that suits your personality and beyond.


Application preparation



                  Preparation of all the needed documents for the application for the Universities in Cyprus and abroad

Curriculum vitae (CV) preparation 

                  Interview preparation for University entrance and Job Interview



Investigation and market research 




industry research.

We assisting and guiding students and parents for future employment possibilities 

University and program search.

Custom search for any individual about universities, areas of interest, programs etc.


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