Our specialized services are 


    • Apply to a higher education institution

We can understand the importance of choosing a suitable university. It's the first and most crucial step of the youngest academic pathway, For building a successful professional career

    • Communication with all the higher institutions in Cyprus 

To succeed in a fruitful collaboration between our customers and the institutions, we continuously communicate with all parties. We want to provide up-to-date information and also keep our customers stress-free.

    • Accommodation

Having a nice cozy place to stay in general makes the student enjoy its time abroad and clear out its mind from negative vibes.  


    • Boarding and private schools

UAGC is collaborating with the most reputable boarding school on the Island. We do visit the school facilities we promote to our portal.  We are taking care of the child's needs even after the school year has begun. We do provide specialized services under an agreement with the parents about it.

    • Assisting in visa matters

Visa matter it is always a complicated step which must be fulfilled if you want to travel abroad. Planning form before and accurate information  are the two  most significant factors for a successful visa application

    • Underage pupil visas Family visas

Underage visas are a hustle, but we do take care of all the steps. We try to create a stress-free environment for the parents since we understand that your child is being sent abroad alone. 

    • Ads Media solutions for professionals 

Apart from our informative part in the portal, we provide space for paid ads related to education and students' life. It is a mean which helps us to keep all of our visitors updated with offers and promotions directly from our collaboratives. 


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