Acquaintance appointment

The academic advisor wants to learn about the students' backgrounds, abilities, interests, worries, and thoughts through open-ended questions so that he can best assist the person who is speaking with him while always being guided by the possibilities at the academic level as well as in the socio-economic setting in which the student is.


Psychometric tool Ariston Test 

The ARISTON TEST is a professional orientation psychometric tool that investigates a person's inclinations, abilities, skills, and interests and then identifies professions that suit him.
The psychometric tool we offer is primarily intended for middle school, high school, and postgraduate students who wish to specialize. To ensure the objectivity of the results, the Test is only available through certified Consultants and is only implemented with a PC.
  • Take the ARISTON TEST for your future in 40 minutes.


Appointment for Career Guidance

The academic advisor will assist you with the following:
  • In identifying and assessing each person's interests, attitude, capabilities, and personality type.
  • In interpreting the results of the Psychometric Tests, thereby assisting students in narrowing down potentially undesirable career options.
  • Can suggest potential courses and hands-on methods for students to better comprehend their application to the subject.
  • It outlines the prerequisites for admission to the schools and makes recommendations for potential programs.
  • Identifies the types and duration of activities and communicates a road map that will lead the student to success.
  • Assists them with college applications that require several steps.
  • It can provide information on scholarships so that students can better plan their budgets.

Application Completion

You can count on U.A.G.C. to help you submit your application materials to the universities of your choice.
  • Application completion of Cyprus and Greece (Correct sorting of options)
  • Applications to Cyprus universities 
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Preparation of interviews (work sector, university admission)

Managing Procedural Issues

Registration and ongoing communication with your preferred university

We understand the significance of selecting the right university. It is the first and most important step in a young person's academic career, and it is the foundation for a successful professional career. To achieve fruitful collaboration between our clients and institutions, we maintain constant communication with the relevant officials, resulting in trusting relationships. We provide current information and always maintain an understanding of what may be of concern to our clients in relation to their enrollment in a Cyprus institution, as well as their housing and employment.


Assistance with student visa issues

If you want to study abroad, the process of obtaining an entry visa is always complicated. The correct completion of the application form and the documents that the student must present to the relevant government department are critical factors in obtaining a visa.



With a nice and comfortable place to stay, the student can enjoy his or her study abroad period worry-free while remaining safe and concerned about his or her well-being.

Private schools and boarding schools

U.A.G.C. collaborates with the island's most dependable boarding schools and private schools. On a regular basis, we personally visit all of the school facilities of the boarding schools and private schools with which we collaborate. We take care of the child's needs even after the school year begins. We offer specialized services based on an individual agreement developed in accordance with the parents' wishes.

Entry visas for students, minors, and families.

Minor visas are something we do. Our goal is to provide a stress-free environment for parents, as we understand that your child will be attending school in a third country.