We focus on

  1. Enrollment in a higher education institution

We can understand the importance of choosing a suitable university. It is the first and most critical step of a young person's academic pathway to building a successful professional career.

The department of Immigration requires all international students to have health insurance. In most cases, U.A.G.C. is assisting with this along with the competent department of the University.

  1. Communication with all the highest institutions in Cyprus

To achieve beneficial cooperation between our clients and the institutions, we constantly communicate with the responsible officials, thus building relationships of trust. We provide to you with up-to-date information and always maintain a sense of understanding of what may concern our clients about their registration in a Cyprus institution in relation to their residence and work.

  1. Accommodation

Having a pleasant and comfortable place to stay, the student can enjoy the period of his studies abroad carefree but at the same time with security and emphasis on well-being.

  1. Boarding schools and private schools

The U.A.G.C. cooperates with the island's most reliable boarding and private schools. We visit individually at regular intervals all the school facilities of the boarding schools and the private schools with which we cooperate. We take care of the child's needs even after the start of the school year. We provide specialized services based on the respective agreement formed according to the parents' needs and wants.

  1. Assistance in matters of student entry visa

The issue of an entry visa is always a complicated step that should be followed accurately if you want to travel abroad. Pre-scheduling form and accurate information are the two most important factors for a successful visa application

  1. Student entry visas for minors and family entry visas.

Visa for minors is a process we undertake. We aim to create a stress-free environment for parents, as we understand that your child will travel to a third country to study.

  1. Media ads. Targeted and methodical solutions for professionals

In addition to the information section and online registration at educational institutions, we provide space for paid advertisements related to the education and life of pupils and students. It is a tool that helps us inform all our visitors with offers and other related information directly from our partners.