Professionals qualifications are essential 

Professional qualifications and lifelong learning
The modern labour market requires professionals to specialise in their fields. Obtaining a degree is no longer enough to stand out in the sector one wants to work in. For most employers, a degree is how a person obtains basic knowledge of the industry. Increasingly, when recruiting a candidate, in addition to personality, ethics, and the basic qualifications required for the position, employers are looking for that individual who is seeking to broaden their knowledge through the acquisition of various professional qualifications. Professional ones suggest that the candidate is interested in deepening his/her knowledge but at the same time keeping up-to-date with current ones.
Although most people acquire a degree or a master's degree to get a ticket to claim a position in the job market, over time it seems to be not enough. The increasing demand for professional titles has allowed people with experience in their industries to take over this part of the market. Trainers are highly qualified individuals who have taken action in the training sector to channel employees with knowledge that will be useful to them on the job, thus filling the gaps that may exist due to lack of time for further training within the company and also giving candidates who want to change sectors the opportunity to be able to become more competitive.
We believe that the companies in Cyprus that have managed to offer reliable seminars and courses in the various rapidly developing sectors have managed to fill a significant gap in the market, thus allowing the islanders to become indispensable to the service offering on which the economy of the Cypriot state is built.
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