You shouldn’t worry about accommodation.

 The institutions have dorms but also private accommodation is available. For fresh students, the best solution is accommodation provided by the institutions or even private dorms. The procedure is easy and everything is included in the price. No reason to look for sheets or having any worries about utility bills and so on… Most of them have also security. Here are some tips about dorms

  • Most are newly built and have amazing architecture
  • Day-to-day facilities are provided for
  • They’re en-suite
  • Toilets are not shared but, in most cases, the kitchen and living areas will be… Still, an opportunity to bond with roommates
  • Strategically located near universities and colleges thus saving you time and money commuting back and forth and making you less wet during rainy days
  • They usually accept payment in installments which is particularly beneficial for new students since it allows them to better manage their finances and always maintain a roof over their head

VERY important to book well in advance as these are usually booked months before the semester starts. Don’t be lazy! 


Student assistance

All the educational institutions spare no effort in helping their students whenever they’re in need of help. They assist in dealing with academic issues, financial issues, and they will go out of their way to help a student find part-time employment. Remember to ask for help when you need it and don’t be shy; student assistance is there for that purpose… so go ahead.