The benefits of a private school are many.

However, many parents often find it difficult to make this decision regarding their children's education. It is important for you to first know the differences between public and private schools before making any decision. Read below the reasons why private schools are giving the lead to private schools more and more.  
1. It is important for a parent to know exactly what is happening in their child's school. Frequent communication with school administrators and direct communication with teachers is the best way to address any problems and weaknesses in behavior and education as quickly as possible. Parents as a whole have the potential to put their views on the table without discrimination. This opportunity for parents to be involved in their child's education is invaluable. Children do not feel at a loss in their early beginnings. On the contrary, parents also take on the role of mentors and, together with the teachers, create an inspiring team for the children, giving them the motivation to perform at their best. 
2. Safety on the school premises and the emphasis that private schools place on behavior and moral values are the reasons why many parents choose a private school. A private school strives for the right ratio of teachers and students achieving more supervision and intervention where needed.  
3. Children learn to act in a community. The small number of students provides the opportunity for children to participate in various activities creating a sense of pride. Parents see their children active in various events and competitions with the school climate being motivating, supportive, and nurturing.  
4. Small classes benefit students in a number of ways. They feel comfortable expressing themselves and participating in the classroom. Students and teachers form closer relationships. The teacher in this way gets to know the student better and can adapt the lesson according to the student's weaknesses. Individualization in the way of teaching is of paramount importance for the student's education since it advances the classes without leaving gaps. Individualization in teaching is the foundation for a successful career. 
5. Many parents, while realizing the long-term benefits of a private school, are nevertheless concerned about the tuition fees. However, various financial institutions and savings banks realizing this need in consultation with the Cyprus Private School Association are proposing solutions that are truly advantageous in every case. 


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