Yes! You can work and study.

Students from Greece or any other European country can work in Cyprus as long as they are residents of a European Union country.
Undergraduate students usually have demanding schedules for their programs and therefore prefer to work on weekends. However, this is not necessary. If you are a relatively disciplined and organized person, you can choose to work daily and still have high performance in your courses.

Graduates, on the other hand, due to the less demanding program schedule and since postgraduate programs focus more on research, often have more time to devote to their work without affecting their academic progress.

International students can also work. The legislation mentioned that you are allowed to work 20 hours per week. There are limitations regarding the job type, but you can still work as long as you like. 

Areas of employment

As Cyprus is a popular tourist destination, finding work in restaurants and recreation areas is very common. Also, Cyprus is a country that has developed professional services so that many of the students can work in various companies and offices. It is always an option for those who want to combine their studies with work to apply for a job at the university.