Yes you can work and also study


From 2019 onwards, students are allowed to work in any field of their choosing as long as it’s up to 20 hours per week regardless of whether they are studying in a university or college.

Undergraduate students usually due to more demanding programs in terms of studying hours usually prefer to work during weekends. However, this is not a must. If the student feels comfortable might choose to work every day and still be a responsible student.


Postgraduate on the other hand, due to the less demanding program they had in most of the cases and since Postgraduate programs focus more on research most of the times have more time to spend on working. Of course, this should not affect their academic progress



Part-time employment



Since Cyprus is a popular tourist destination, finding work in eateries is quite common. Also, as Cypriots generally tend to enjoy the nightlife, work opportunities for students can also be found in bars and coffee shops. Even the universities themselves may offer temporary jobs to their students.