Xenion personal approach and all-around education aim to develop well-formed personalities rather than just academics. Students are encouraged to thrive on knowledge and enjoy learning; to become confident and able to deal with any challenge in life.

The way of Xenion education teaching promotes not only academic growth but also emotional, spiritual and aesthetic development. Our over-reaching aim is to encourage our students to become active and positive members of society.

Xenion Junior School


The near-universal use of information technology; the continual migration and movement of people; multiculturalism and multilingualism are some of the factors that have contributed to the creation of a ‘world culture’. In this day and age, schools are responsible for equipping children with the tools they will need to ensure a secure future for themselves and for their community.

Xenion High School  


At Xenion school we understand that education is so much more than mere knowledge. That’s why we work to develop the whole person – to enhance their creative, emotional and social skills as well as provide them with subject skills and knowledge. Our students are encouraged to explore, to inquire and to experiment in everything they do here and help to express themselves in the widest possible range of ways.

    Xenion Boarding School 


At Xenion Boarding School, we have a huge international community with students from various countries from all over the world. We are proud to present our new Boarding House, which provides the ideal comfort and services for a full boarding school experience.

Living on campus is a wonderful experience indeed. This new home is a diverse living environment offering many opportunities for personal growth which is based on converting routine into a bright organized lifetime. Xenion Boarding School is a wonderful place to interact with people of different backgrounds and philosophies, all pursuing the same goal: education. We focus strongly on social experience and the success of our students.