Since 2014, our organization has been working in the field of education, forming partnerships with the primary goal of helping pupils and students from Cyprus and abroad.
With the creation of Universal Admission Gate Cyprus, it has managed to establish itself among the young public as an independent platform for the promotion of education and related services.
With the support of the largest private Universities in Cyprus and major Cypriot Companies, we contribute to the achievement of European objectives in education. We promote Cyprus as a centre of excellence at European and international level, enhancing the dynamics of our country in the context of competitiveness in a single economy.
Our ultimate goal is to provide our audience with helpful information and updates on everything innovatively related to the education sector. We made sure you are updated frequently with the main news about education in Cyprus. A few topics we focus on, are related to new programmes, scholarships, tuition fees, cost of living, procedures for obtaining a residence permit, loans for studying in Cyprus, study savings schemes, cultural events and activities.