Universal Admission Gate Cyprus is the largest education promotion platform in Cyprus. It specialises in promoting educational institutions and companies that offer products and services to students/students.
It has been operating since 2014 and has managed to establish itself among the young audience as an independent platform promoting education and related services.

Our Goal

With the support of the largest private Universities in Cyprus and major Cypriot Companies, we contribute to the achievement of European objectives in education. We promote Cyprus as a centre of excellence at European and international level, enhancing the dynamics of our country in the context of competitiveness in a single economy.
Our ultimate goal is to provide our audience with helpful information and updates on everything innovatively related to the education sector. We made sure you are updated frequently with the main news about education in Cyprus. A few topics we focus on, are related to new programmes, scholarships, tuition fees, cost of living, procedures for obtaining a residence permit, loans for studying in Cyprus, study savings schemes, cultural events and activities.

Why us?

We have been able to train our staff to analyze the latest and most reliable psychometric tools. Proper analysis of any psychometric tool can give you the right pathway to the professions that suit you according to your skills, abilities and personality. In addition, they will be able to help you with researching the universities in the country you choose to study. They will be able to identify which of them include the study program you are interested in and take care of the application process entirely. 
In particular, you can find out about the accreditation of your study program in your country of residence and discounts offered by specific institutions. Our students from abroad can contact us for visas, residency and any other issues that may arise before, during and after the application process.

Our search engine

We have successfully created an easy-access search portal where you can find out about all the universities, colleges, schools and institutes in Cyprus. However, the search experience does not stop here. Through our innovative search engine, which we have created with your needs in mind, you can find all the universities that offer the course of study you are interested in.
We haven't forgotten young parents looking for ways to help their children by enhancing their learning and interests from their first school years.
However, many secondary school students search for themselves to address learning gaps by basic reteaching skills and covering weaknesses. Our company has gathered all the necessary information to enable adults and youngsters to identify the right training centers and instructors for a career full of success.