What a boarding school means

A boarding school is an institution that accepts boarders, mainly students. School boarding schools offer accommodation, food, and education. 
In recent years in Cyprus, there has been a great demand for boarding schools with students from all over the world.
To be in this article you are probably looking for information that will convince you to offer this amazing experience to your children. 
Starting from opportunities in sports, extracurricular activities, and later academic opportunities are some of the reasons why a parent will choose a boarding school for their child.  
  • In a boarding school, your child will have the opportunity to receive a quality education according to the high standards of Europe. 
  • Students are closely linked to their highly qualified teachers. They acquire ties to the standards of a loving family.
  • The highly qualified staff of the boarding schools and their expertise in specific fields are the reasons why they are qualified for this work. Their loyalty on the other hand and their perseverance in the specific field are the conditions for the quality of their services. Their passion for teaching and willingness to educate children properly is what makes them so dear to students and parents. They become mentors whom they will not forget for the rest of their lives.
  • Boarding schools base their philosophy on teaching discipline to students, which is rarely a problem. In this way, teachers are able to teach without having to take on the role of a traffic cop during the lesson, which we would certainly not dare to say is the case in public schools.  
  • Most boarding schools provide students with amazing sports facilities. They offer students the opportunity to learn and practice a wide range of sports, giving them the option to consciously choose the sport they like. 
  • Cyprus boarding schools believe that the cultivation of the spirit is directly linked to art. The great art programs they organize and the art facilities they have at their disposal instill in students the spirit of theatre, dance, music, and fine arts. 
  • The inclusion of children in a school boarding school provides them with the opportunity to live away from home. This has long-term benefits as the child will become independent at a very early age. Although it is not easy for parents to live away from their children, the mere thought that the child is being prepared for adult life as a student and later as a successful professional is enough to convince them. However, many parents choose to rent a house or buy property near the area where the boarding school is located so that they can visit their children whenever they wish and spend quality family time together. 
  • Choosing a school boarding school relieves parents from the stress of daily reading and more. Students' success in exams and extracurricular exams is assured.
  •  Your child in a boarding school is surrounded by children who want to be educated to high standards and their goal is clearly success and this is a criterion in the admission process.
  • The fully stocked library to modern market standards attracts students to visit very often. Knowledge for them becomes an interesting occupation.