School counseling aims to help students develop social skills and improve relationships with peers, teachers, and family. Additionally, it can support the student regarding career orientation and help them discover their strengths and interests. The goal is to help the student develop self-esteem and self-confidence, promote their well-being, and contribute to achieving their personal goals.

Learning Styles Test - 4 Learning

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It consists of 9 individual scales. The scales measure the student's preferences regarding learning information, considering the external learning environment.

The test aims to identify the student's learning styles and preferences and reflect the most suitable teaching and studying methods. It will help students understand which learning methods suit them best and how to improve their school performance.

Reading Organization - Tips for Effective Organization

We aim to provide proper guidance for more effective study organization by following memorization techniques, time management skills, and practical study strategies according to each child's "Learning Style."

Practical guidance for the smooth transition of the student to the Gymnasium.

The guidance includes strengthening the child's problem-solving skills, developing social skills, and managing emotions. In addition, it involves educating parents on techniques that will help the child develop their self-esteem and self-confidence, such as recognizing and addressing their insecurities and enhancing communication.