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New academic year? Are you a child or a parent and don't know how to manage it? Discover ways to handle it together!

The offer of international certifications in professional development

ProjectYou has been active in the fields of education and consulting. Recognizing the market's needs, its goal is to promote and develop both individuals and companies in the modern business environment. Take the next step in your career now!

Uncover and invest in your talents.

Enhance your educational journey and discover your hidden passions by participating in our exciting range of extracurricular activities. Engage in a diverse array of experiences beyond the classroom.

"Unlock Your Potential: Expert Guidance for a Fulfilling Career"

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth as you unlock your true potential. Whether you're a student exploring academic options or a professional seeking to elevate your career, let us be your compass in unlocking a world of opportunities.

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Educational fair

02 December @ 14:00
Visit universities colleges and schools related to Fine creative and performing arts. Digital and multimedia. Fashion and aesthetics- beauty

"The Hitchcock Effect"

13 October - 29 October
Satirical Theatre celebrates 40 years of creative journey and artistic contribution to Cyprus' cultural scene with the psychological thriller "The Hitchcock Effect," written by Frixos Masouras and directed by Andreas Kyriakou.

Pancyprian Examinations 2024 for High School Students and Parents

18 October @ 18:30
Pancyprian Examinations 2024 for High School Students and Parents --> Applications, Concerns, Job Market Research and Organisation Tips

No exit

06 October - 13 October
English speaking theatre play by Aigaia adult drama group Αγγλόφωνη θεατρική παράσταση από την ομάδα ενηλίκων του θεάτρου Αιγαία