Art has no age!

If you are considered to have talent, don't leave it to chance. With technological advances and the trend towards total minimalism very soon talented artists will be the highest-paid profession.  
Several people believe that to become an artist it is not necessary to obtain a certification. However, an art school has many skills to give you, see what they are.
  • You make acquaintances with influential people in the field that can later help you in your career. 
  • Practical instruction from experienced professionals will further enhance your talent. 
  • In a school, you will have the time to devote to art, learn and create. 
  • A school has the right equipment which you can use without having to buy it. 
  • Art teachers act and work as mentors. They are the ones who will help you discover your talents and identity as an artist. 
  • A group of people who have similar tastes and goals will keep you motivated and productive. 
  • Schools occasionally organize various exhibitions where students can showcase their work to the public. 
  • And many schools occasionally host well-known artists or organize extracurricular events that you can network with.
  • More than a few artists come to the schools looking for assistants for a project or for their workshop. 
  • The schools have experienced advisors in the industry who can help you with your career path. 
  • Schools do not only help develop and refine your artistic skills. Most schools through a series of courses or seminars can advise you on how to run a small business, how to prepare a budget, how to price your art and generally market your work.