Tests for Students

The Horizon Tests are designed as a broad psychometric tool developed to measure students' career interests, personality traits, and work values. Horizon was initially built within the educational system in Greece paired in mind, while continuing to be re-evaluated in the Greek and Cypriot education systems.
Although after a careful study of the modern international and Greek psychometric reality, practical new measurement tools were designed from scratch and appear below the existing ones, regarding the incompatibility within the educational system, the framework of weaknesses, the reduction of the theoretical background, etc., in order to satisfy to a similar extent, the need for a detailed description of the individual's professional interests. For students, five educational, psychometric tools have been designed to support existing knowledge.

• 4 Learning  Learning Style Test
• Horizon Profiler  Personality Profiler
• Horizon Motivator  Work Values and Motivation Test
• Horizon Full  Vocational Orientation Test
• Horizon MySelf  Discover your self-image


Tests for Undergraduate and Postgraduate prospective students
One of the most crucial decisions of your life will be choosing the field of study and the career that best suits you. Horizon Cyprus and Horizon Masters, two of the most reliable professional orientation tests available, based on strong scientific evidence, will help you choose the best professional direction, fill out your computerized faculty preference card, and decide on your ideal field of study and professional route.
Choose the right orientation field for you, based on your interests and your personality and help you find out your ideal professional type (practical, research, conventional, etc.). With the aid of these tests, will help you discover the professional fields you are most interested in and make the best choice for your studies, embedding to your personality traits. Uncover the field of study and the career that will fulfill your dreams.