Application steps

For most universities and colleges the application deadline is the same and is as follows: 


Start of courses
Registration Period
Autumn semester 
End of August
Spring semester
End of November
Summer semester             
End of March


European students and students from outside the EU.

What you need to know if you are a student from an EU country:
You should start preparing your documents one month before your arrival, especially regarding your application and your stay in Cyprus.
What you need to know if you are a student from outside the EU:
You should start preparing the process of collecting your documents at least one month before. This of course depends on how promptly the government authorities respond to your requests. Don't forget to take into account the time it takes to send the records. 


Choose the right university

Short description of the process
The first thing to do is to decide which school you want to study at.  And don't forget to choose a "second" alternative... just in case!
  • Check which university or college offers the courses you need.
  • Check and evaluate the program details.
  • Find out about tuition fees.
  • Check the deadlines. If all the information you collect satisfies you then proceed with your application. 
Turn to U.A.G.C. to help you both with your applications and to make the right decisions about your future.


Getting enrolled at a university is not a simple matter!

U.A.G.C. gives you the key to making the right choice. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choosing a school
Decide which school you like best and imagine yourself working in your chosen field. It could be business school, engineering, architecture, medicine, etc. However, you need to make sure that the degree you want meets your academic and subsequent career needs. You will find this information in the program description after searching for it here.


Step 2: Choosing your degree
Choosing a degree requires thorough research as to the programs you want to attend. Assuming you are choosing Business Administration, then it is advisable to research which courses are offered as compulsory for the degree, for example, Business Administration courses are courses such as Management, Marketing, Accounting etc.


Step 3: Choosing the right university for you
The universities around the world are numerous. But which is the most suitable university for you? The university you happen to have heard of actually offers the programs you are interested in.
For this step, U.A.G.C. will help you by simply navigating our website.
We also suggest that you thoroughly look at all the details about the university regarding international recognition, especially in the field you want to pursue, location, etc. Competent agencies in Cyprus and Greece for degree recognition are KYSATS and DOATAP.


Before any application to a university or college, you should have obtained all the necessary certificate documents.


The mandatory documents which can be requested are:
  1. A recognized certificate of secondary school attendance
  2. A recognized certificate of education, a recognized university entrance qualification
  3. A recognized certificate of secondary school education
  4. Certificates of English language proficiency,
*Those of you who will choose to avail of our services will need to fill in the U.A.G.C. application form and there you will be guided exactly on the documents which are required. 
Please note that these must be translated into both English and Greek.
If they are not in English, you must ask a certified translator in the country to translate them into English. If the university you will be enrolling at is in Cyprus or Greece then they need to be translated.