Don't know the fees for the programme of your choice?

Tuition fees are usually mentioned in the programme description
Therefore, before you apply to the university you will know the amount of your tuition fees. Once you have decided that you will enrol in the programme you will have to pay the minimum deposit set by your university. Most institutions accept instalment payments in terms of tuition fees. The university's policy regarding the tuition fee repayment process will be given to you at the stage of your admission to the university.


Universities' tuitions fees in Euros
Tuition fees may be subject to change or discount. It is advisable to contact the U.A.G.C. team for confirmation.
Up to 3000 Per year
Up to 10000 Per year
Masters Ma, MSc LLB
Up to 14000 Per Program
Up to 15000 Per Program
Up to 18000 per year
Up to 19000 per year




Are you a student and managing your own finances?

Students tend to spend more than they should due to a lack of experience in managing money. The sooner you get to manage your money properly the better for you!
As a first-year student, you may not realize how quickly you will spend your money on housing, food, books, and student nights out. Managing money at this time of your life is not easy so you need to be prepared.
There are many students who are facing financial worries due to rising prices. Proper management and planning will reduce your stress about this issue by positively affecting your mental health and lifestyle.
Don't rush to splurge by being affected by the student finance you are likely to receive, you should be prepared to handle your financial budget by making it last.