It is important to consult an accredited academic adviser before making any decisions about your career.

What our academic advisor has to say.

Did you know that 1 in 3 students are unhappy with their degree choice?
Students must choose wisely their academic pathway because it directly affects the faculties to which they may later apply at university.
We have worked with students for a long time, so we can say with certainty that most of them mislead either by their family or possibly wrong hypotheses derived from society and youth when deciding on a career. Because of their age and/or the various interventions they may get from friends and family.
So, the consultant you choose should be highly ethical, realizing the seriousness of his work, since, through his role, he can help young professionals to be happy with their work.

The guidance of an educational counselor is valuable because it assists students in making the right decisions at the right time. An academic counselor who is equipped with the right tools and techniques can not only better guide his students but also pursue their dreams!
The U.A.G.C. will be able to assist you with the following:
1. Choosing an appropriate instrument for assessing a student's interests, attitude, abilities, and personality type.
2. In interpreting the results of the Psychometric Tests, thereby assisting students in reducing potentially undesirable career options.
3. Will also be able to suggest possible programs and practical ways for a student to better understand their application to the subject.
An academic advisor can also assist the student in identifying universities, namely:

1. Describes the admission requirements of the faculties and suggests possible programs from which one can choose.
2. Identifies the types and duration of activities and communicate a road map that will lead the student to success.
3. Assists with college applications requiring a variety of actions.
4. Can inform students about available scholarships, allowing them to better plan their finances.
5. Will assist students to apply for student visa.

Why should you consult an Academic Advisor if you are...


  • Student
Most of the time, Everything is unclear in your mind when you are a student. Your parents are usually the ones who will initially advise you on what path to bear. Not only that, but you typically assume you are familiar with all the available professions while omitting the fact that there are more than 1500 professions and over 650 alternative occupations.


  • College student
It is not unusual for students to start their studies, and in the middle of the year or even right before they graduate, realize that their degrees are tiresome and feel that they have wasted valuable time and resources


  • Parent or guardian
Parents' daily lives are impacted by their worries about their children's futures and professional careers. They lack knowledge about the prospects; the age gap and the complexity of the markets are a few factors that create such worries. Nevertheless is not wrong to have professional guidance in these matters 


  • Unemployed 
The unemployment rate is a vast issue affecting people of all ages and societies worldwide. With the proper recommendations and suggestions from our team, you will be able to stand out and develop a solid resume, even when the primary professions are saturated.