Secondary education in Cyprus

Secondary education in Cyprus follows a three-grade high school and three-grade lyceum curriculum. The aim is to provide students with a well-rounded education, preparing them for their academic or vocational paths. During the third grade, students must select a group of orientation courses, which will determine their future academic specialization.
This early decision-making process can be daunting for students, especially considering the rapid changes happening in the world and the multitude of influences they face. Choosing a career at a young age is challenging, and parents may feel concerned about their child's future.
In the first year of upper secondary school (lyceum), students follow a standard curriculum and choose two immersion subjects from four groups of orientation courses. This choice leads them to their chosen course of study in the second and third grades.
To help students navigate these decisions, it is crucial to focus on building a solid academic foundation. Parents can assist by identifying any weaknesses and providing additional support through remedial courses. By ensuring students feel confident in their abilities across all subjects, they can choose the subjects they find exciting and align with their career aspirations.

Choosing a profession requires maturity, and parents should be mindful of the influences their children encounter, such as social media and internet trends. Critical thinking and understanding the needs of modern society may be delayed by the abundance of distractions. Parents should act as guides or mentors, staying informed about the challenges of the modern age. They should encourage their children's efforts in self-discovery and emphasize the importance of extracurricular activities like music, dance, art, sports, or foreign languages.
Engaging in extracurricular activities can contribute significantly to personal growth, moral development, and the formation of a strong character. By providing a supportive environment and encouraging exploration, parents can help their children develop a well-rounded perspective and discover their true interests and passions.