At UAGC, career guidance goes beyond mere guidance and assistance in filling out applications for educational institutions. Specifically, we focus on more effective approaches by linking the job market, career advancement, and problem-solving with each client's individual characteristics. This is particularly crucial for young individuals facing challenges in finding suitable employers and overcoming lack of experience, serving as the key to achieving SUCCESS.
It is evident that as career advisors, we provide personalized guidance for each individual, assisting them in their enrollment in any educational institution of their choice. However, we believe that selecting the appropriate program based on future career prospects in the field of employment is essential.

Based on this, UAGC enhances and innovates in the field of professional guidance through the following ways.


Discovery of Interests and Abilities
Our immediate goal is the recognition and highlighting of individual skills, interests, and professional ambitions of students. Through this process, the strong aspects of the individual are clarified, and the skills that are essential for success in the job market are highlighted.
Skills Assessment
Of course, in order to appropriately guide our client, we utilize specialized questionnaires, interviews, and personality assessments. Recognizing these factors helps students navigate towards fields of study that align with their profile and aspirations.
Exploration of Academic Disciplines 
Based on individual interests and preferences, UAGC combines these with academic programs, educational workshops, job market expos, and lectures from professionals in various fields.
The aim is to provide students with a better understanding of the content and prospects of each academic discipline.
Skill Development and Personal Growth 
Based on the recognized skills and interests, appropriate guidance is provided in selecting suitable programs, practical workshops, and seminars, ensuring that individuals will be fully equipped to face the challenges of the modern job market.

The approach of UAGC Counselor  creates an innovative experience that enriches students with knowledge, skills, and increased self-awareness.
This equips them for a successful journey in the job market and their professional lives.

Student Career Counselling

Job Market Career Research