Dance with life

Dancing is a feeling an image a contact. For others, it is a unique situation in which they are the protagonists. Another way of expression and communication. An avenue to a dead end. That you just do it with a smile. Every adult should know how to dance. 
You don't have to be a professional or know the strangest moves and you certainly don't have to have the best body. That's not why you do it anyway. You dance because you want to get rid of the routine of everyday life, the stress of work, and the worries of the day. You dance because in that one hour in class you are in another world that you chose to live in. It's your world. 
The great Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman cannot be forgotten, though a blind officer accompanied the beauty of the film.  Our own Travolta of Grease in his own swing. Let me also take you to the more modern 'Step up' that was there and thought it was a way of expressing the youth. 
All the schools in Cyprus have this in mind in their adult classes. Whether it is tango, Latin, modern or even Greek they demonstrate teamwork and unity. 
When you join a school then you create a family that will accompany you to dance parties depending always on the school you choose. But you will definitely have a good time, you will create moments. 
Always keep in mind that dance is redemption it is a passion it is a source of life...