The American Academy Private School of Limassol is a multicultural community which provides quality education in a caring environment for children of all kind of ages, such as in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary levels all the way to university entrance, from Cyprus and the whole world.

Based on the English National Curriculum, the American Academy School promotes a well-balanced education system, modified to accommodate the needs of international students and encourages the development of our students' full potential and personality. Within a supportive environment which recognises each individual’s talents, students are encouraged to accommodate aspirations and create opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and qualifications and develop the personal qualities needed for life and work.

School's History

American Academy Private School of Limassol was established in 1986, within the context of both primary and secondary schools with an initial enrolment of 50 pupils. By 1990 the primary school moved to its current location to fit the growing number of enrolments for both schools. As the years passed by, and with the massive growing numbers of enrolments in the year 2000, the school management opened its first Nursery and Reception classes, creating boarding facilities to cater the international students as well as expanding its educational influence by creating an Educational Learning Centre to assist students with extra lessons and top-up subjects as well as dealing with students which have learning difficulties such as Dyslexia.

Due to the high demands in Cyprus for all kinds of Private Greek Education,  the American Academy committee decided to start a Greek Secondary School in 2001. In 2006 – 2008 an additional floor was built in the Limassol Secondary School to satisfy an increase in the demand for students, whilst, by the year 2008, a new Nursery was established as well.



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