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No person not use the internet in his daily life. The printed form of advertising and information is a thing of the past!
The education sector in Cyprus has been overgrowing in recent years, especially regarding higher education. All higher educational institutions are investing large amounts of money, so Cyprus is becoming a reference point for the foreign market. A large number of student recruitment has created significant prospects for other similar businesses. An essential factor in this development is the rational promotion of their institutions, organization and proper information about the universities and colleges in Cyprus through the unique academic platform.
This article will explain why companies in the education sector should understand how important it is to promote themselves on the integrated platforms that primarily deal with their subject matter!
Primary and secondary education and other schools, especially in the private sector, tend to follow in the footsteps of private universities. The increased maintenance costs and lack of ways to promote through coordinated promotional activities in this direction have resulted in them resorting to traditional media, such as social media or website creation which require high costs. This solution for them is not cost-effective since it does not serve mass traffic or customer growth.
Targeted advertising directly targeting the market of interest to the business is the most cost-effective way of attracting an audience. Targeted advertising performs best and avoids unnecessary communication with people not interested in your service.
At UAGC, we also believe that uncontrolled advertising negatively affects the audience. Buying behavior several times alternates negatively due to the indiscriminate promotion of a product. Repetition is tiring since the audience is not looking for or interested in a particular service or product. 
In addition, an online information platform such as Universal Admission Gate Cyprus, which is all about quality informative advertising for education, provides an opportunity for businesses to interact with their target audience through their targeted advertisements and the creation of a 'micropage' (a miniature of a website with the necessary information and video posting).

We list how businesses benefit

1. Become a member of a pan-Cypriot platform
They become part of a large group, get in touch with other entrepreneurs and create partnerships that will bring them additional profits.
2. Create an exclusive 'Microrpage' page
An exclusive page dedicated to their business. Creating such a page aims to join a larger platform related to their industry, automatically making them more competitive.
3. Keeping abreast of new market challenges
Even businesses showing profits cannot be sure that this trend will continue. And while most in the training sector are indifferent to new conditions, young entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly familiar with new advertising methods, wanting to enter the market and influence the public via the Internet by promoting their services.
4. They are gaining ground where others remain attached to the old methods
A happy customer who is no longer a customer can contribute to the visibility of their business. But the tactic is not the most effective. Businesses should seize the opportunity and advertise through UAGC at a low cost and to an audience that knows where to find them.
5. Combined advertising serves to acquire new customers
Education, extracurricular activities, seminars, and learning programs are not something one will leave to chance. The public now wants to know who you are, what you can offer them, and what makes you stand out. They will look for all of this where they know that not only will their questions be answered, but they can also consult third parties about their choice. The selection of members who fit under the UAGC's large umbrella is not random. It is designed to connect all sectors and work together for a common purpose. To serve the public and to increase customers.
6. Avoiding unnecessary advertising
Promotion on various pages or social media cannot be arbitrary. It should be targeted and aimed at a specific group. Arbitrary and untargeted advertising can cost him a lot of money.
7. Low cost
The cost of an annual subscription to an educational, academic platform is much lower than promotional activities that can be carried out on social media for a relatively short period.
8. Indirect advertising in mass media 
Platforms relevant to a specific audience participate and operate in various ways in the mass media, which require a lot of preparation and money. By deciding to join this group, they benefit from these advertisements.
9. Discounts 
Claim discounts at selected partner businesses by showing your Membership ID with the ultimate goal of companies benefiting from B-to-B collaborations.


What UAGC visitors gain
1. They identify the study programmes offered by all the universities in Cyprus.
2. They quickly and easily locate all the kindergartens, language centres, language centres, academies, art schools, dance schools and conservatories located in their area.
3. They are informed about all news concerning universities, kindergartens, nurseries, language centres, language schools, academies, art schools, dance schools and conservatories in their area.
4. They are informed about events organised by our members.
5. They read articles of interest to them and learn practices to deal with possible difficulties in their daily lives.
Who can join the platform?
Educational institutes
Language centres
Study centres
Institutes of professional qualifications and seminars
Dance academies
Schools of Fine Arts
Theatre schools
Sports academies