Student life is one of the best periods of a young person's life. Through it one gets to know interesting people, and acquires knowledge and experiences that will be useful in later life.
Holistic student cities
Living and studying in Cyprus allows students to develop in an ideal and highly enjoyable environment, while receiving an authentic and high academic quality education.
Nicosia and Limassol are emerging as modern and vibrant student cities hosting thousands of students from all over the world. They offer modern infrastructure for student accommodation, many options for entertainment and recreation and opportunities for activities in and outside the city in comfort and safety.
Cyprus is also ranked among the 5 safest countries in the world, making it friendly to international students and particularly safe for female students.


A student who is successful in getting accepted into one of Cyprus's universities will benefit from:
- Safety
- Accessibility
- Quality of life
- Numerous study options


As a student, you want to make the most of your free time by doing things that make you happy. Cyprus provides you with this opportunity at a low cost. Many students prefer to spend their time exploring Cyprus's beautiful beaches, while some others prefer to join organized hiking or climbing groups on nature trails hidden in the Troodos Mountain range.
During the autumn months, the beautiful cobblestoned squares of Larnaca, Nicosia, and Limassol, which are full of bars, restaurants, and cafes, are filled with students.
There are also those who enjoy dancing and music and prefer nighttime activities. Many bars and nightclubs in Cyprus organize one-of-a-kind events featuring international artists and DJs. The country's internationalization has given entertainment a new character, as people can now choose the type of entertainment that suits them.


Did you know that for the past decade, Cyprus has been voted the safest island in Europe?