Terms and conditions

There are terms and conditions if you choose to use the "UAGC" portal. Terms and conditions are mentioning below. 

If you choose not to accept the terms and conditions, then you must not use our website. 

If you choose to use "UAGC," then you decide to accept our terms and conditions. 

About UAGC

We are the educational institution admission service with the registered name and patten logo under the company Forsat advisory and associates ltd with registration number HE352406 incorporated in Cyprus.

Our address is 

Florinis 11, No 503, 1065 Nicosia Cyprus. 

Tel. 0035722778744

Email support@uagc.eu 

Changes to the terms and conditions may take place. We reserve the right at all times to vary, change, alter, amend, add to, or remove any of these Terms.

We process your 'Personal data' following our privacy policy and with respect and a lawful way. You can refer to our privacy policy for more details. 

How to access and use our website

You may rightfully access our website. You must not: 

  • use our website do not try to encrypt, extract, disassemble, reverse-engineer, or decompile
  • Use the website in an inappropriate and unlawful way 
  • Sent any viruses, trojan, or anything similar which will harm the website. 
  • Please do not copy and use the information on the website since it is protected from Copyright legislation Cypriot Right of Intellectual Property Law 59/76 that was amended during the years by the Laws 63/77 - 18/93. Inappropriately use the website to harass a third party or misleading 
  • Tries to still any personal data and use then against others 

Access to our website is not permanent. You act on and visit our website temporarily, and we cannot guarantee that our website will be available all the time. But we do ensure that we will work reasonably and effortfully to fix any problem that might occur. We hold the right to terminate any registration if we notice unlawful actions or misrepresent our services or act in a harmful way against our legal rights as a portal.  

We have the right to cancel any Personal information ID numbers, passwords, and or passcodes at any time if we, in our opinion, there is something noticeable and or suspicious. In the Fact of failing to comply with any of the clauses of these Terms and conditions. We will not be responsible and liable for losing or damaging personal data or password or Id numbers, etc., contrary to these terms and conditions. 


All the materials included in the "UAGC" portal, all the logos, slogans, photos belong either to the ''UAGC'' or to other licensors who have been licensed "UAGC" to use them. All the materials are subject to copyrights. You cannot use them without obtaining a license from UAGC or both UAGC and various licensors' partners that the materials belong to.

Uploading materials.

We are not responsible for any material you upload to our website. We assume that you are the copyright owner of the uploaded materials. We will process your material accordingly to the appropriate authorities' and follows their requirements for processing your application.

Any uploaded material on our website grants us a full license. Including permission to sublicence, publish, use, reproduce, display, etc., or any other use, we might choose to use change partly or as a whole in any form of a written document or media format.  

If you are underage, then you should not submit any material to "UAGC." If you do so, then we assume that you have your guardian's permission. 


'UAGC" is ensuring the information uploaded on the website is up to date. However, we cannot be responsible for any last-minute changes, or Due to unforeseen issues from any of the partners we do promote. For example, change in programs, availability of programs, deletions, or any other modification directly or indirectly affects the student. But we act responsibly as soon we get informed about the changes and updates will be procced immediately to update our portal.   

"UAGC" acts as a portal. All the information included is for informative purposes. By any means is not guiding, recommending, or advising the reader into a specific pathway. When the reader or register user makes a particular decision, "UAGC" is not responsible for the final result or the quality of services any partner offers to the student. The role of "UAGC" is just promotional. Any feedback, on the other hand, will pass out to the partner for bettering their services. 

To the extent of the law permitted, "UAGC" is not liable for any losses. Various costs included application fees, any general or any other type of losses that might occur during the registration process, or any other use of the website. We are not responsible for the third party's involvement in using the website for their interest. The information included on the website is ONLY for informative reasons.

"We are liable and responsible for the quality of services that we do provide separately outside of the portal, such us assistance for registration, finding accommodation after arrival services, Visa matters. Additional services that the user asks for separately will be written down under a new separate agreement that the parties will agree and sign. Other terms and conditions will apply.  

From time to time, "UAGC" will accept and advertise various products and services. We are not liable for any inaccuracy of outdated products and or misleading ads. Only advertisers, promoters are responsible for the content of their ads. We do advise you to contact them directly for any of the above.

Cancelation policy

Any payment regarding application fees is not refundable. This cluse will be written just before the button Pay. As soon the register user clicks on the button ‘’Pay’’ cannot undo the action. The application process activates immediately after the payment. As a result, there is not refund for application fees.