A big YES to youth sports!

A growing body of research shows that participation in youth sports can lead to immediate and long-term benefits for young people, their families and communities.

Our vision is that young people have the opportunity, motivation and access to play sport – regardless of their talent, surname, gender and ability.

Mental, Emotional and Social Health

Most parents believe that sports benefit their children's mental health. And they are right!

Participation in sports is related to

•Lower rates of anxiety and depression

•Lower amounts of stress

•Higher self-esteem and confidence

•Less substance abuse and less risky behaviors

•Increased cognitive performance

•Increased creativity

• Greater enjoyment of all forms of physical activity

•Improved psychological and emotional well-being for people with disabilities


Physical health

A greater percentage of parents believe that sport benefits their child's physical health. And indeed, participation is a way for young people to get the physical activity they need to be fit and healthy.

•Physical activity participation is associated with

•Improved bone health

•Improved weight status

•Increased cardiorespiratory and muscular capacity

•Reduced risk of cancer and diabetes

•Participation in sports is associated with:•increased levels of physical activity

•Improved cardiovascular fitness

•Reduced body fat percentage for girls over the whole

•Quality of life


Educational and Professional Success

Fewer parents in Cyprus tend to believe that sports can benefit their children in their school and academic careers as well as improve their future careers. What all parents need to realize is that sports can help their child discipline and cooperate with others.

Participation in sports is associated with:

•Improved teamwork, social skills and social responsibility

•Improved life skills (eg goal setting, time management, work ethic, empathy, negotiation)

•Increased empowerment, personal responsibility and self-control

•Improved educational and professional skills (e.g. determination, perseverance, toughness, resilience, critical thinking)

•Higher levels of academic achievement

•Greater leadership qualities