You should not be concerned, U.A.G.C. will inform you about the results! All you need to do is stay logged into your account and check your email regularly.


The universities will review your application
Universities once they receive an application will proceed with its review. This means they will consider whether the applicant meets the admission criteria.

Possible responses from universities

- Letter of acceptance: This means that you are offered a place unconditionally.


- Conditional acceptance letter: This means they have offered you a place but you must meet certain criteria. For example, if you have not graduated from high school yet you may be asked as a condition to graduate with certain grades or perhaps other specific requirements such as the English language.


- Rejection letter: In this case, you need to see the reasons why you have been rejected.


- Alternative Study Offer: This is when your grades do not allow you to study the program you want, however, the university gives you an alternative by offering you another program in the same school, e.g. if you want to study medicine but have not achieved the grades that will give you an admission ticket then biomedical science will be an alternative that will give you the opportunity to apply for medicine the following year.


What decision will you make?

  • You will have to decide whether to accept or reject the offer that is made to you. 
  • If you accept, you must proceed by taking into account the steps outlined in the acceptance letter.
  • You may reject the offer you are offered, but bear in mind that if you change your mind you may have to reapply in the hope that the places will not be filled by then.
  • Check also for alternative options.
Apply to more programs if you think there is a chance of rejection. An alternative option may lead you to the program you are interested in next year. Consult your university!