UAGC is actively exploring innovative approaches to promote businesses and establish a strong presence in the market. While traditional promotion methods are widely known, what sets us apart is our emphasis on specialization tailored to specific target groups.
By leveraging a comprehensive platform that combines various promotional campaigns, we create a distinctive and appealing outcome that resonates with our target audience. Additionally, we prioritize cost-effectiveness as a critical factor in our approach.
Aligned with our core values, we are pleased to introduce our associates to our business promotion methods. These methods have been carefully crafted to maximize impact and drive success in reaching our intended audience.

Exclusive Discounts and Vouchers

Unlock a cost-free promotional opportunity for your business by offering discounts to our valued members. By joining us, you can access a wide range of deals exclusively for our membership base. When customers present their DIGITAL ID (see details here) at your shop or establishment, they can quickly redeem the offered discount.

Create standard promotion banners on our website

Strategically we have three places where you can post a banner. 
1. Main page
2. All the other pages 
3. Vertical animated banner at the end of each page
The posts appear on our platform as well as on our social media. 
We assist with graphic designs as well.  

Crafting Promoted Articles

If you are a business seeking to introduce a new product and desire a comprehensive description to accompany the announcement, our creation of promoted articles is an ideal solution.

Badle Campaigns

We have the expertise to design and structure your promotional campaign using our tools. This method offers cost-effectiveness while delivering superior overall results.


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