UAGC is trying to penetrate the market using innovative ways to promote a business. Nowadays, the methods of promotion are more or less known. 
What makes the difference is the specialization based on the target group, along with a vehicle where we can join a bundle of promotional campaigns and create a unique outcome attractive to our target group. At last, Cost-effectiveness is also a factor that we consider as well. 
Following our beliefs, we introduce to our associates the methods we use to promote a business.

Discounts and vouchers

A NO-cost promotion for every business which can offer discounts to our members. You just become a member with us, offering a range of deals exclusively to our members. The member will be able to collect the discount by presenting the DIGITAL ID ( look here)  to the shop or business. 

Create standard promotion banners on our website

Strategically we have three places where you can post a banner. 
1. Main page
2. All the other pages 
3. Vertical animated banner at the end of each page
The posts appear on our platform as well as on our social media. 
We assist with graphic designs as well.  

Creation of promoted articles

If you are a business that wants to announce a new product that a broad description should follow, then this method works well. 

Badle campaigns
We can structure your promotion campaign using all of our tools. This method can be cost-effective and has better results in total.  


Existing associates

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