While you are a student, there are lots of free activities you can participate in to improve your curriculum vitae.


Participating in sports clubs, societies, volunteering, and part-time work is a great way to meet new people, enjoy your time at university, and maintain a healthy balance of studying and socializing.
However, it will also make you a better candidate for graduate positions by providing you with numerous practical examples to use in job applications to demonstrate your abilities.
'Extra-curricular activities help students learn about themselves and develop and apply their skills and knowledge in different contexts,' says Chris Davison, deputy director of the careers and enterprise team at Durham University and a careers adviser. 'Such activities are a necessary part of the university experience.'
Sports organizations and societies
Numerous clubs and societies that you can join are frequently hosted by universities and students' unions. The three major types are as follows:
Sports teams, subject-based groups, and social clubs based on a common interest
"All employers are looking for college students and recent grads with a variety of skills, character traits, and experience that will help them be successful in the workplace." Extracurricular activities allow you to develop these skills by doing things you enjoy. 'This is the best opportunity to have fun while also improving your employability,' says Ian Hodges, careers and employability manager at the University of Exeter.
There will frequently be different groups for different abilities, such as separate sports clubs for those who want to compete and those who want to play more casually for fun or to get in shape.
Working part-time
Working during your studies allows you to earn money while gaining experience in various industries and roles. It's also a great way to meet people outside of your course or halls of residence.
A part-time job can provide you with the work experience that employers seek and provide excellent examples for you to use in future interviews. It's an excellent way to demonstrate a variety of skills, including responsibility, time management, and teamwork.
Whatever extracurricular activities you choose to participate in, don't forget to include details about the skills and knowledge you've gained when filling out job application forms, as it could make or break your chances.