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Aigaia School of Art and Design

Agion Omologiton, Nicosia, Cyprus


Aigaia School of Art and Design invites you to the Annual Exhibition of its Youngest Artists, which takes place between the 18th March and 12th April 2023.

Wander in between colours, brushstrokes, sculptures, ceramics, costumes, paintings, mosaics, characters, objects, stories. Children demonstrate creativity in a truthful and unspoiled manner, something essential in finding solutions for today’s challenges.

The groups have had the opportunity to work in our specialised studios in rotation, resulting in their encounter with the range of the Art and Design disciplines. The exhibition reflects their spherical visual understanding, which they have ultimately developed.

Our purpose is to highlight the importance of the cultural cultivation that unfolds when raised around the arts as well as the appreciation of the visual arts, as an element of

culture. Via the various activities we challenge the children’s awareness, pushing them to spontaneously imprint their surroundings. To express their inner world, to record experiences, moments and encounters, to develop critical thinking, to propose solutions.

During the exhibition an educational program will be offered for children, which can be attended by classes, as well as families. The educational nature of the exhibition gives parents and educators the opportunity to visit the space with various age groups and «discover» themes, ideas and meanings, therefore using the visual aspect to enhance their teaching.