Universal Admission Gate Cyprus U.A.G.C., 


Host the event ''All about student.''


Let us explain a bit more.


We gather up the most prominent universities and colleges in Cyprus.  

We also gather up other European organizations to promote their student-funded programs one can participate. Like European Direct Cyprus

and the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF)

Check our exhibitors to get a taste. 


We know for sure that hobbies, sports, dance and art are part of student life. You will also meet up with dance schools, art schools and the National handball team.  


We should never forget that student life is not only the pursuit of knowledge.

Snacks are also vital for a student.

We will treat you with Frou Frou, Tryphon Tseriotis, and Alion products. 


The event will end, but the experience will not. U.A.G.C. prepare back bags full of gifts and vouchers. Along with many, many giveaways. 


Our giveaways and gifts 

  • 2 Apoel signed Tshirts and 2 balls 
  • 3 Vouchers of hair salon Diverso  100euros each
  • 2 Vouchers of free grocery shopping from Mikropolis  50euros each
  • 3 Vouchers of free CV designs,  50 euros each
  • 3 Vouchers of free academic consultancy services,  160 euros each
  • Vouchers from Beauty outlet to ALL
  • Vouchers from Garissons bar and Grill 
  • Vouchers from BlackBrick to ALL
  • Vouchers from NERO Cafe At Neo Plaza to ALL 


Follow our social media for more information. CLICK HERE 


Employment, after all, is the last step and the final target of a student. 

We thought about that as well. Networking is what a student needs but also some tips. Our dedicated sponsors (SPL Cyprus audit)  and other participants will be there either with a physical presence, or you will find details in our sponsor section below. Worth checking them believe us. 


We couldn't do it without the support of our active sponsors! 

Our marketing team chose them very carefully. Each of the sponsors is a reputable company that makes significant contributions to their respective fields of expertise.

You can learn more about our sponsors and their products by clicking on the sponsor photos below.


Photowall also prepared.

Nice one with sofas etc., Memories are also essential. Take photos and share the moments. Anyhow, we will also do this for you. 


Finally, all of the above needs a music background. Who else can it be better than Cristiana Aristotelous, Kostas Karnakis and of course, Klick Fm.