It may not be well known to the general education public, but music has been scientifically researched and supported as necessary for children's development. Learning a musical instrument can greatly develop and improve children's ability to pay attention and concentrate, but also drastically reduce anxiety disorders that may affect the normal functioning of the brain.
Important Benefits of Music Education:
  • Improves academic performance – Stimulates areas of the brain related to reading as well as emotional intelligence.
  • Improvement in memory
  • Sociability – The capacity for patience, cooperation and appreciation increases.
  • Development of self-confidence – The process of learning a musical instrument or something similar helps to show the person that they can develop abilities and skills, such as creativity.
  • Discipline – Music education and learning requires discipline and a lot of concentration to succeed.
Music as a profession:
Nowadays music education does focus only on learning a musical instrument or singing, as it is combined with other fields. That is why if one considers the various sectors of the music industry, it is important that the person whom is interested enough, to have the corresponding specialization, which ONLY the University will offer. The competition of the profession is judged to be quite high, so it is NECESSARY for students to develop their knowledge in postgraduate degrees as well. In order to have a successful career in music, business skills, marketing and technology knowledge are necessary, on the one hand because the world of music changes every day, on the other hand because the musician needs to be regularly informed about developments.
In addition to the classical studies in the music field, a wide range of different professions with the purpose of music is also presented that you might not have known about! Professions such as the production of musical instruments but also the one of musicologist. Even if we also consider the demand in the technological fields, professions such as sound engineering and electronic programming are presented. The reason is because the person needs to be able to combine many skills at the same time, to be able to succeed in the field and to adapt to the competition of the labor market.
  • Don't forget to include in your resume, skills such as good communication, ability to work in a team, endurance and patience during stressful working conditions, etc. that will help develop your profile as a musician.
For a more methodical path either educational or professional in the field of Music, do not hesitate to contact our team, because here at UAGC we are interested in the development of the student, and/or the professional.