Learning does not stop in the classroom; internships can give students with a variety of additional benefits. Consider the following four:

Higher education aims to prepare young people for future professional success. Nowadays, young people have to face strict criteria regarding their acquired knowledge and skills. This is because more and more young people are opting for clerical jobs rather than manual jobs, resulting in a lot of competition in some occupational areas as opposed to others. For these and many other reasons, universities in Europe, realising the new challenges and demands, have increased the range of services they offer to students. 
In what ways can a student come out more prepared in this large and competitive market? 
It is at this point that the importance of work placements during studies is stressed by vocational training advisors or professionals who have faced similar challenges. Opportunities for full or part-time jobs can play an important role so students should seek them out and keep up to date. Such opportunities, in addition to the experience gained, can earn an equal number of credits with courses in their school. Some employers offer jobs to students for internships providing them with some benefits, it always depends on the employer. 

What is the real value of internships for both students and employers? 
1. Students with internships can apply everything they learn in the classroom. They see in practice the profession they have chosen so that they can pursue a specialisation if they wish. They also become familiar with the working environment and at the same time can improve their professional skills. 
2. Many students who start their undergraduate studies tend to change their field of study as they go on since they are not what they expected to be. The internship gives you a taste of what the profession you have chosen is like in practice while at the same time the low expectations of employers from interns work positively since students have the time and clear mind to decide if this is indeed the profession they want to do. 
3. Students network and get to know people in their field. The internship offers them the opportunity to make important professional connections before they even graduate. 
4. Students who choose to do internships can be more competitive in the job search process. It allows them to advance their knowledge and professional experience.