EU students will be required to apply for a Residence Card. Documents required are

  1. Passport or ID. Though EU citizens can travel freely to Cyprus, they are required to submit an application for an Issue of Residence Permit to the Migration Department within four (4) months of their date of entry into the Republic of Cyprus. The Office of Admissions will assist with this procedure.
  2. EU students are obliged by the Migration Department regulations to have health insurance coverage or alternatively the EU Hospitalization Card.

After the above and after the conditional acceptance letter has been issued, we will instruct you on how to submit the following documents to Population and Immigration:

  • U.A.G.C. application fee (you have already paid this at the appropriate U.A.G.C. department).
  • Student Visa Fee (your visa application will not be processed without this non-refundable fee).
  • A certified copy of your high school diploma and detailed grade report.
  • Certified copy of passport (valid for at least two years from the beginning of the semester of enrollment).
  • A certified copy of a clean criminal record (must have been issued 6 months prior to submission).
  • A certified copy of a bank guarantee (issued 6 months before submission).
  • A certified copy of a bank account.
  • Students applying for a postgraduate degree must also submit a true copy of their degree and transcripts.