Are you a Ukrainian university student or 

Are you an international student studying in Ukraine 




UAGC considering the situation that citizens of Ukraine and international students are facing decided to offer our services at NO Cost.
Services we offer for free are.
  • Guidance and consultation for choosing the right University in Cyprus
  • No charge for UAGC application fees 
  • No Charge for the visa process 
  • No charge for the accommodation process 
Benefits offered by Cyprus Universities  
 Special scholarship schemes are dedicated to Unfortunate war victims. 
  • 50% or 75% or 100% scholarships for the first year of  their studies or 
  • 50% or 75% for all the years of studying in Cyprus. 
  • Basic and easy visa steps 
The above benefits are subject to availability and meet certain requirements. 
Steps you need to follow. 
  1. Go to the signing section 
  2. Click on sign in
  3. Register
  4. Go back to sign in and put your password 
  5. Fill up the application with the maximum information you can add and publish it
  6. One of our staff members will contact you via email for the next steps. 


If you are interested in boarding school or high school services 

Please send us an email through our contact us  (CLICK HERE) and we will contact you for more information the soonest. 


To avoid delays and due to the enormous volume of applications, it is important to register first and put the maximum of information you can on the application.