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About us

ARTE Music Academy was founded in September 2002 as the first Music Institution of Tertiary Education in Cyprus.
The Academy offers a 4-year studies course leading to the Degree of a Bachelor’s in Music and it is evaluated – accredited by C.E.E.A and approved by KY.S.T.S.
The programme offers orientation towards Performance, Composition, Music Education and Academic study of Music.
The programme of studies aims to advance musical understanding, creativity, individual expression and interpretation and to expand academic interest and critical though among the students. To achieve this, the Academy follows a high level of academic teaching and evaluation.
Graduate students are fully equipped to pursue a career in the form of teaching, performing, composing or other music- related employment, or to continue further studies. Great emphasis is given to the development of the individual potential of each student.
The faculty consists of eminent musicians and scholars of different musical backgrounds, covering a wide range of interests and research. Martino Tirimo, the distinguished pianists and musician serves as the artistic director of the Academy.
The principal of the Academy is Pitsa Spyridaki who is recognized for her contribution in music education in Cyprus for many years.
Our Philosophy
  • High education music studies
  • High level of teaching and evaluation
  • Student’s preparation of entering the musical profession with success in the fields of music education, concert performance and music and artistic fields
  • High standard of education for further music studies and research.
  • Contribution to the development and upgrading of music education and culture in Cyprus.
  • Development of technique interpretation and musical expression on performance
  • Development of perception and understanding of compositional styles of every period
  • Development of analysis and understanding of musical structure and form
  • Music knowledge and comprehension of music work
  • Development of music memory
  • Development of critical faculty in different styles of composition and performance
  • Cultivation of self- confidence and the sense of working together in ensemble work
  • Development of independent musical thought and initiative
  • Development of student’s personality through different aspects of music making as a means of expression and communication
  • Development and enrichment of the student’s mental and emotional world through a balanced approach and through the variety of the available subjects
  • Development of concentration and general up-liftmen of awareness
  • Cultivation of inspiration and love for music and all fine arts
  • Exchanges with other institutions from abroad with the ai, of cooperation in the fields of music education, and performance and to help graduates entering the musical profession.
  • Teaching Methodology
The teaching methods and the general educational policy of the Academy are in accordance with the aims and goals of each course and of the Academy in general.  The aim of the teaching is not merely an accumulation of knowledge but an active involvement of the students in the process of learning.  The students have the chance to express their views on the programme and suggest changes through the appropriate Committees.  They are asked to evaluate the teaching and they are encouraged to do research and develop critical thinking.  The teachers are encouraged to exchange ideas between them and to co-ordinate their efforts and this leads to a rounder approach in their teaching.

Awards & Recognitions

Since the beginning of its operation, the Academy has had many successes and many participations in the cultural and artistic life of Cyprus and abroad, both by its professors and by its students.
List of some recent successes:


  • The composer and professor of the Academy, Mr. Andreas Moustoukis, excels in Saint Petersburg, with his compositions performed by the famous MusicAeterna orchestra under the direction of world-renowned conductor Theodoros Kourentzis.
  •  Academy professor and Principal Drummer of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Marios Nikolaou, performed theConcerto for percussion and string orchestra by Vasos Nikolaos under the direction of conductor Michalis Oikonomou with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.
  • Academy graduate Elli Aloneutou stars as Antigone in the chamber opera "Antigone en crypt" by Voris Sarris.
  •  The professor of the Academy, Mr. Manolis Neophytou, performed Sergei Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto under the direction of the famous conductor Leonardo Catalanotto and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.
  •  The student of the Academy Giorgos Christoforidis participates with his compositions in the visual event "Photography and Music Exhibition" that will take place at the Technopolis Cultural Center.
  •  Academy professor Virginie Bove and Cyprus Symphony Orchestra's junior flautist performed Mozart's Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra under the direction of conductor Patrick Gallois, with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.
  • Academy student Iulios Georgakopoulos composes and performs percussion for the theatrical performance Zyklon, directed by Neoklis Neokleous, which will take place on the sidelines of the Satyriko Theater students' graduation.
  • Academy student Giorgos Christoforidis publishes his study in the cultural magazine NEA EPOHI. The study of G. Christoforidis deals with the two main philosophical understandings of the purpose and origin of Art – materialism and idealism.

Facilities & Staff

ARTE Music Academy is housed at Archontiko Technon (ARTE). ARTE is a traditional building constructed in 1915 and renovated in 1999 and was done with the specifications of a modern Music Education Institution. It is in the center of the Nicosia, within a walking distance from the old city, the central shopping area of ​​the capital, next to 'Elefthria Square' and opposite the Leventis Gallery and the central bus station.
Concert Hall
The educational contribution of the Concert Hall is extremely important since it provides the students with the chance to apply, in a practical manner, the theoretical knowledge they gained during their lessons and lectures. They gain valuable experience as musicians through performing in the Concerts that take place in the Concert Hall or through critical listening of other students or performing musicians. The Concert Hall houses concerts, recitals and other music events organized by a number of cultural organizations in which musicians with established careers come to perform. These events offer great opportunities for the students to listen to other musicians.
The Concert Hall follows all the necessary specifications for correct acoustics on the basis of a specialized acoustic study of the Hall.
ARTE Music Academy has a specialized lending library, dedicated exclusively to music. The library contains a large number of Greek and English academic books, journals, music scores and study scores. It also houses a rich and varied audio-visual collection (CDs and DVDs) that includes rare recordings.
The students and teachers can use the library facilities to sit and study and to listen to music.

The Faculty consists of eminent musicians and scholars of different musical backgrounds, covering a wide range of interests and research.  


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Differentiation points

Why at ARTE?

  • Because it is the only one specialized and dedicated exclusively to Music. offers a four-year cycle of musical studies leading to a Bachelor's degree in Music
  • Because it offers students high-level musical studies and experiences, placing great emphasis on the development of each student's individual potential
  • Because organic lessons are individual. The others in small groups, so the student has the support and face of the professor, with the result that his uniqueness is highlighted and his personality develops.
  • Because the Academy helps the student to discover his musical identity and to feel like a member of a big family and not like an impersonal number.
  • Because it covers the whole spectrum of music offering 3 main directions: The performance of the instrument, the theoretical and the pedagogical.
  • Because in addition to academic education, the student also gains artistic experience.
  • Because the students come into direct contact with the world by participating in the musical life of the place. They take part in concerts or attend courses, lectures, seminars organized by the school, as well as mixing and being invited to other artistic activities organized by other institutions.
  • Because  the relationships between students and professors are close and meaningful, there is support and a spirit of cooperation and acceptance, thus strong friendships are built that remain even after the end of student life. Having active and successful musicians as professors, they lovingly integrate students into music from an early age people in Cyprus.


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