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About us

The Education Lab was conceived as a distinct entity within UAGC, established with the specific purpose of organizing seminars not only for UAGC but also for its affiliated institutions. This separate department was designed to be wholly dedicated to addressing a wide array of educational topics from a comprehensive perspective. Unlike traditional seminars that may focus on narrow subjects, the Education Lab aimed to delve into broader educational issues encompassing various aspects of teaching, learning, and social concerns. 

Our focus remains on achieving the best outcomes for each seminar topic through meticulous preparation. While we aim to maintain quality, we also prioritize flexibility and recognition. As the sole educational platform in Cyprus offering diverse services, the Education Lab staff regularly engages with complex educational matters. This allows us to gain deeper insights into the education industry's significant challenges and gather valuable information for effective problem-solving."

Awards & Recognitions

"We proudly acknowledge our affiliates as UAGC partners and members, highlighting our collaborative approach over individual endeavors. Our selection criteria for associates prioritize academic and professional expertise, interpersonal skills, and profound knowledge within their respective fields of expertise."

Facilities & Staff

The primary audience targeted by the Education Lab includes educators, parents, and students who share an interest in expanding their knowledge and understanding of educational matters. For educators, the seminars offer insights into innovative teaching techniques, classroom management strategies, and approaches to addressing diverse learning needs. Parents benefit from sessions that address their concerns regarding their children's education, offering guidance on how to support their learning journey effectively. As for students, the seminars provide opportunities for skill development, problem-solving techniques, and discussions on social issues pertinent to their academic and personal growth

Differentiation points

Moreover, the Education Lab extends its focus to cater to the needs of marginalized groups within the educational landscape. This includes individuals with special needs, such as children with learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, and other unique characteristics requiring specialized attention. By offering seminars tailored to the specific challenges and requirements of these minorities, the Education Lab endeavors to promote inclusivity and equity in education, ensuring that no learner is left behind.

Courses & Programs

  • Teaching methods 
  • Educational Marketing 
  • Special education problem-solving and informing
  • Social issues 
  • Professional guidance 
  • Academic guidance

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