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About us

The European Conservatory of Cyprus was founded in 1981 by Litsa Koutalari-Ioannou to upgrade the region's music education to European standards. The Belgian composer and academic Chevalier Jacques Leduc was an advisor and mentor in this project and remained the conservatory's mentor for 33 years. He was succeeded by the internationally renowned composer and pianist Cyprien Katsaris in 2015.
The conservatory primarily works with students who want to enrich their knowledge. In a pleasant environment, it introduces students to music and helps them enjoy and love it.
Through early education, which starts at 3 or 4, within our pre-education class, children learn to listen to music, familiarize themselves with instruments, and create music in small ensembles. They listen to older students, who are also in the same space, producing refined sounds, aspiring to imitate them. Children choose the instrument that attracts them the most and progress accordingly.
Older students usually have some knowledge of the instrument they are interested in. Depending on whether they start or continue their studies, the European Conservatory will help them fulfill their musical ambitions.
Music ennobles the soul, provides a pleasant engagement, and helps students collaborate in various musical ensembles. Collaboration forms the basis of an organized society.
The conservatory provides education in piano, violin, cello, vocals, and guitar (classical, electronic, acoustic). At the same time, it collaborates with musicians on all orchestral instruments to not disappoint any student who chooses a different path. Music education at the European Conservatory can be continued throughout the student's learning journey, from the first notes to instrumental virtuosity and vocal training. It covers music theory (harmony, counterpoint) and the history of music, including analysis, form, and instrument knowledge, according to the desires and inclinations of the student.
The conservatory also houses an orchestra and choir in which students are encouraged to participate, free of charge.
The students can be taught on the Conservatory's Diploma level during the last years of their secondary education. But, at any stage of musical education students have reached, they will have gained a lot. They have enriched their soul with noble feelings, learned to listen to and enjoy music, and found relaxation in singing or playing an instrument alone or with friends.
This is what the European Conservatory of Cyprus has achieved for many.
For the talented ones, it has provided them with the foundation and inspiration to study further and excel themselves.

Awards & Recognitions

Students of the Conservatory have secured significant awards in competitions, while our graduates have been accepted into universities abroad, sometimes securing scholarships. Among the celebrities and professionals in music who studied first at the Conservatory are:
  • Alkinoos Ioannidis - composer, lyricist, singer, and orchestrator.
  • Dimitris Mesimeris - songwriter and performer.
  • Dimitris Regginos - concert guitarist, winner of various International Guitar Competitions.
  • George Kypridemos - doctor and researcher at the University of Glasgow, with numerous awards and scholarships at the University.
One of our talented vocal students, Edgar Evoyan, has achieved remarkable success by winning first prizes at prestigious events such as the Galaxy of Talent Festival in Limassol, the Russian International Competition, and the International White Winter Competition in Poland.

Concerts of the Conservatory

  1. Christmas and June's concerts feature all the students of the Conservatory.
  2. Annually, a grand concert occurs in the presence of the famous Belgian composer and academic Jacques Leduc. Advanced students, the Orchestra, and the Choir of the Conservatory participate in this concert.

For the Music Year

  • The Conservatory organized three concerts featuring German, French, and Spanish Baroque music.

For the Conservatory's anniversary

  • A concert was held for the Conservatory's thirtieth anniversary in the presence of Mr. Jacques Leduc. Graduates of the Conservatory, who have continued their studies and excelled in music, performed in this concert, which was honored by the presence of the President of the House of Representatives, Mr. G. Homerou. The following participated:
    • Marianna Galidi, who presented the program.
    • Piano: Agni Sakas, George Kypridemos, Elena Matsa, Kleio Papadia, Leoni Chatziithoma, and Maria Loucaidou.
    • Violin: George Hatzigeorgiou.
    • Guitar: Dimitris Regginos.
    • Voice: Gore Melian
    • Composer and singer Alkinoos Ioannidis covered the second part with his and other songs.
  • For the fortieth anniversary, the Orchestra of the Conservatory performed two Concertos with soloists who are students of the Conservatory. The concert included Giovanni Gambini's Piano Concerto with 13-year-old Nefeli and J. Haydn's Concerto in D Major with 17-year-old Karolina, under the direction of the orchestra by Koulis Lykniotis.
    • 16-year-old award-winning Edgar and Conservatory graduate Georgia Polyniki performed with the accompaniment of Zara Barkhoutarian. Angela Charalambous performed works by Jacques Leduc on the piano. The Choir of the Conservatory, under the direction of Zara, sang Napolitan songs. Demetris Messimeris completed the second part with his songs and, together with the orchestra, closed the concert with "Bella Chiao," sung by all.



* The Composer and Academic of Belgium, Jacques Leduc, and the Famous Pianist Cyprien Katsaris, who guide the Conservatory and preside over the annual examinations, expressed their opinions with very flattering comments.

* Picture from the 30th anniversary of the European Conservatory of Music, showing Alkinoos Ioannidis with Jacques Leduc. The European Conservatory of Cyprus has provided the photographic material.

Facilities & Staff

The European Conservatory of Cyprus enjoys exceptional facilities that provide an ideal environment for the education of our students. With its modern layout, the stone building adds aesthetic value and creates a pleasant atmosphere for learning and practicing music. The classrooms are fully equipped with all the amenities required for the smooth conduct of lessons.
Furthermore, the conservatory's excellent location in Strovolos, on a central artery, facilitates access for students and educators. The convenient parking opposite the conservatory also serves ease of transportation.
Educated and experienced teachers teach all classes under the periodic supervision of the management and the annual guidance of the internationally renowned musician and pianist Cyprien Katsaris. This ensures that students will receive the best possible guidance and acquire knowledge from specialized professionals in the field of music. This wealth of knowledge and experience will contribute to developing students' musical skills and help them achieve their goals in music education.
Overall, the European Conservatory of Cyprus offers a suitable environment for the development of talent and musical skills of our students. We are proud of our facilities and the quality of education we provide.
Biography of Mrs. Litsa Koutalari - Ioannou - Director:
Litsa Koutalari-Ioannou was born in Nicosia. She attended piano lessons with Eleni and Evy Maxouti from a young age. She graduated from the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, from the class of pianist George Georgiadis, winning first prize. She continued her postgraduate studies in Brussels at the Conservatoire Royale de Musique, where she worked with the renowned pianist Andre Dumortier and the acclaimed composers Jacques Leduc, Jacqueline Fortyn-Schmit, and Jacques Stehman in piano, harmony, counterpoint, and music history.
She has performed with orchestras and given solo piano recitals in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Finland, Austria, France, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and more. In 2004, she participated in the festival for Romanian and Greek music at Ateneul Roman in Bucharest. Her performances have been recorded by radio and television channels in Cyprus and Greece and by the Bulgarian National Radio. She has given piano recitals for four hands and performed her concerto for two pianos with the Belgrade Philharmonic, which was broadcast live by Yugoslav Radio.
She has prepared a series of musical programs for Cyprus Radio and has published articles on musical topics. Ms. Litsa Koutalari-Ioannou is the Director of the European Conservatory of Cyprus. She has served as the president of the Cyprus Music Committee and a member of the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA) Cyprus Committee. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Music Schools of Cyprus and one of the founding members and Honorary Vice President of the Evangelia Tziarri Music Foundation.
She has recorded a digital album titled "Italian Masters of the 17th and 18th centuries," featuring the concerto Cambini for piano and orchestra conducted by Petros Papazian and works by Callupi, Crazioli, and De Rossi (the latter three being world premiere recordings).

Differentiation points

Why the European Conservatory of Cyprus?
1.       New Teaching System.
2.       A comprehensive education in music.
3.       Well-trained and experienced teachers.
4.       Easy access to the facilities of the Conservatory.
A distinctive element of our school and conservatory is our many years of experience in the field of music. With over 40 years of activity in this field, we have acquired a broad range of knowledge and experience. Our students can participate with us in numerous events in Cyprus and abroad, providing them with practical experience and enhancing their musical skills.
Our school and conservatory offer a unique learning environment with experienced and inspired instructors, encouraging students to develop their musical talent and enjoy a rich musical experience.

Courses & Programs

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Violoncello
  • Guitar
  • Singing
  • Saxophone
  • All other wind instruments
  • Music Theory and History
  • Music pre-education


* Students who wish to do so can also sit concurrently for the Royal Schools ABRSM examinations from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and even up to the Performing level.
The examinations of the Conservatory are conducted by a Committee chaired by the famous pianist Cyprien Katsaris. 


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