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About us

The Satirical Theatre, marking 40 years of presence and contribution, shares its extensive experience in the renewed and celebratory THEATRICAL WORKSHOP for children, teenagers, and adults.
The Satirical Theatre of Cyprus was founded in Nicosia in October 1983 by the actor and director Vladimiro Kaukaridis.
It is a non-profit organization funded by the Ministry of Culture of Cyprus. Since its establishment, its goal has been the development and promotion of theatrical art, the provision of theatrical education, and broader contribution to Cypriot cultural activities.
For over 15 years, the Satirical Theatre has been operating a Theatrical Workshop for children, teenagers, and adults, with the aim of providing theatrical education and introducing participants to the magical world of theatre.

Awards & Recognitions

This year, the Satirical Theatre celebrates 40 years of presence and contribution to the cultural events of Cyprus. Throughout its long journey, it has achieved:
  1. The establishment and operation in 2009 of the "Vladimiros Kaukaridis Cultural Center," a building with state-of-the-art facilities and installations, serving as a hub for cultural creation and education.
  2. The founding in 1992 of the "Vladimiros Kaukaridis Drama School," the only recognized drama school in Cyprus, offering higher education and advanced training in the dramatic arts through two study programs.
  3. The operation of three stages: The Main Stage, where major productions from foreign, Greek, and Cypriot drama – both classic and contemporary – are performed; the Upper Stage, showcasing mainly contemporary repertoire; and the Lower Stage, hosting experimental performances. The Satirical Theatre presents five to seven productions annually, with a portfolio of over 200 productions.
  4. The operation of the Children's Stage, featuring high-quality performances aimed not only at entertainment but also at the intellectual and artistic development of children.
  5. The operation of Theatrical Workshops for children, teenagers, and adults.
  6. Cultural Decentralization by presenting performances in municipalities and communities across Cyprus, as well as internationally for our expatriate compatriots.
  7. Organizing cultural events and theatrical seminars, presenting theatrical adaptations and events, participating in International Festivals, and hosting performances from abroad.

Facilities & Staff

The Theatrical Workshop operates within the premises of the "Vladimiros Kaukaridis Cultural Center," a modern and well-equipped multipurpose space that also houses the Satirical Theatre of Cyprus.
For classes, there are six fully equipped classrooms, two of which have their own stages. A cafeteria is available for break times.
At the end of the year, Workshop performances take place on the three theatrical stages of the "Vladimiros Kaukaridis Cultural Center" and are presented to the audience. The Satirical Theatre provides the necessary stage, lighting, and sound equipment, theatrical costumes, as well as technical support for these performances.
Classes are led by Professional Actors / Educators:
  1. Eirini Athanasiou
  2. Elena Dimitriou
  3. Valanto Charalambous
  4. Marialena Papadopoulou
Workshop Seminars by Guest Accomplished Artists:
  1. Christiana Artemiou
  2. Marios Dimitriou
  3. Vasilis Michail
  4. Charis Aristeidou
  5. Lakis Yenethlis
  6. Eva Papageorgopoulou
  7. Litsa Ioannidou, and others.

Differentiation points

With a highly comprehensive program and exceptional educators and skilled collaborators, our Theatrical Workshop paves the way for both young and old to develop their artistic abilities, unleash emotions and imagination, express themselves through roles and situations, cultivate teamwork and empathy, find entertainment, and embark on enriching new experiences.

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