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Strategic Calm Mindfulness gives you the tools do deal with your business and employees. You are going to get the work done, why not get it done without getting frustrated and stressed? Learn to use calm as a response when things don't go as you planned and your business will reap the benefits and so too will your mental, emotional and physical health

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Mindfulness at work has been proven to:

  • Decrease people’s stress and anxiety through heightened awareness, which in turn leads to improved performance.
  • From a leadership perspective, mindfulness encourages engagement. Being fully present as a leader— and allowing your team to be fully in the moment — will reap rewards both personally and professionally.

Perhaps the most important reason that companies such as Google, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Nike and Apple are investing in mindfulness to aid stress management is its ability to directly improve performance.

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Leaders in Mindfulness for Business!

On a search for answers and solutions to managing stress Mrs Anastasia delved deep into all that modern psychology has to offer. She managed to weave together the best from Mindfulness, Human Behaviour and Awareness to come up with a way to have a calm yet fruitful life.

Now she trains groups and individuals to master their psychology by using Mindfulness to aid stress management.

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Knowing what to watch for makes us ready to respond appropriately when our stressors arise. You will learn how to respond appropriately when stress occurs. When you are conscious of your stressors you can deflect your thoughts, retain your energy and stay calm and focused.


79 percent of employees that quit their jobs site lack of appreciation as their reason for leaving. Being mindful as a leader allows you to retain your employees and improve work relationships


Mindfulness in relationships allows you to be open to others’ needs as and redirect your attention to keeping your relationships stable and satisfying. It also impacts your ability to pay attention, to regulate your emotion and physiology, and shifts your capacity for empathy.


Work is one of the main causes of stress. Deal with your stress strategically so you can be more relaxed throughout your day so you can work in calm, be productive and also feel peaceful after work.


Learning meditation and present moment awareness takes us out of the habitual patterns of behaviour that often create our stress. As we learn to observe ourselves acting out in these unhealthy habitual patterns of behaviour, we intercept them and redirect our attention to achieve more empowering behaviours that are in our benefit.


Rapid, shallow, erratic breathing is a common response to stress. Slow, deep, regular breathing is a sign of relaxation. Together with gentle stretching, you release tight and tensed muscles caused by stress. By learning to relax your muscles and breathe deeply, you use your body to dissipate stress so that you feel both relaxed and energized.

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