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  • Institute Address: Γιούρι Γκαγκάρι 2, Φρέναρος 5350
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Institute Overview

About us

The kindergarten "Ta Diamantakia", approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. We are all together, children - teachers - parents, to achieve the correct development and authentic education of each child.

Kindergarten is the first social group after the family in which the child is invited to participate actively. The experiences and knowledge he will gain from this contact will play a decisive role in the development of his character. It will determine the child's attitude towards wider education.

This is also the reason why the State institutionalized the schooling of infants. The necessity and usefulness of the aims and objectives of the kindergarten were recognised.

The aims of the kindergarten are the socio-political development of the child through active activities and democratic dialogue. Explores and learns through play, discussion and group experiences.

Play is a way of learning, development and a child's right. It helps develop his skills, emotionally and mentally. Kindergarten is the child's first stage in the development of socialization and school integration.

In particular, the full-day kindergarten, which meets the modern needs of working parents. The child can be registered from infancy.

Research has shown that a proper full-day school offers the child more school success in preschool education and in preparing toddlers for elementary school.

For the success of the aims and objectives of the kindergarten, a targeted methodological approach, projects, is needed. It is a method that attracts the interest of children-teachers-experts.

This is how we continue to provide better care and education to all children. In this big project of ours, your cooperation and your positive response is essential, important and irreplaceable.

Awards & Recognitions

The kindergarten "Ta Diamantakia", approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth and has been included in the tuition subsidy scheme for children up to 4 years of age..

Facilities & Staff

Our kindergarten was founded in the summer of 1997 and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. There are sections from infants to pre-primary age. It is configured and staffed appropriately for the educational and recreational needs of the child.

The Private kindergarten "Ta Diamantakia" is staffed by experienced and qualified kindergarten teacher.

Differentiation points

Kindergarten goals are:

To help toddlers develop:

  • physically
  • emotionally
  • mentally
  • social

The aim of the kindergarten is:

  • To encourage the creation of interpersonal relationships.
  • To develop initiatives.
  • To support their point of view.
  • Use dialogue with arguments. 

Necessary for their harmonious integration into social life.

 To come into contact with various forms of art such as: theatre,
music, dance, gymnastics. They help the child to feel pleasant, to activate his imagination, methodicality, his investigative mood and his critical thinking.

Our ultimate goal is:

The development of a happy and complete personality, equipped with all the necessary knowledge that will make their transition to Primary School smooth.

For their peace of mind and spiritual security they must receive love and feel secure in their relationships with their parents, teachers and fellow human beings

Courses & Programs

Educates children:

  • To cultivate their senses
  • To organize their actions both motor and mental.
  • To enrich and organize their experiences of the natural and social environment.
  • To acquire the ability to distinguish the relationships and interactions that exist within their physical-social environment.
  • To develop the ability to understand and express with mathematical symbols, aesthetics and especially in the areas of language.

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