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BIM Management - Revit Template and Family Creation

Course Summary

Within the program's scope, participants will develop knowledge, skills, and abilities in creating and updating templates and families within Autodesk Revit software. RVT templates and families are the main framework of a BIM project where Revit is the main tool. Using templates eases the workload and increases efficiency and productivity. They contribute to saving time and reducing costs, as it creates a stable structure for the company/business. Having a defined template that is already built and used by the whole team is extremely cost-effective since standardization is a vital part of a project and immediately eliminates human error. This allows the project team to spend more time designing and documenting the project instead of having to reinvent report structures/schedules/families at the start of each new project.


  1. Knowledge Objectives 
    1. To compare types of BIM standards
    2. To compare BIM template workflows
    3. To define the basic aspects of BIM template files
    4. Define the basic aspects of Revit families
    5. Identify the procedures for creating and updating BIM templates in Revit
    6. Identify the procedures for creating and updating families in Revit according to each field
    7. Describe the main points of BIM template files
    8. To associate the relevant standard settings according to their sector
    Skill Objectives 
    1. Manage BIM template types in Revit
    2. Manage Revit BIM families
    3. Be organized within BIM template files in Revit
    4. Perform methods of creating and updating BIM template files in Revit
    5. Perform Revit family creation methods
    6. To select the appropriate procedures for managing Revit models and families
    7. Increase office productivity with template files and integrated families
    8. Organize their projects through Revit template files
    9. To maximize collaboration in all phases of a project
    10. To efficiently manage the updating of files in templates and integrated families

Program Details


 Evyenia Georgiou Poizat
Χώρος διεξαγωγής 

Live Online Microsoft Teams

Description of candidates for participation

Managerial staff, supervisory staff, BIM managers, architects, interior and exterior designers, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, technical staff, designers and foremen who have moderate knowledge of Revit software and BIM methodologies. 


Seminar: BIM Management - Revit Template and Family Creation
Location: Live Online Microsoft Teams 
Dates: 31/03/2023 to 03/05/2023
Training hours: Wednesday 09:00 — 12:15 & Friday 14:00 — 17:15


Application Fees
Participation fee: €840.00 (+ VAT €159.60)
Subsidy: €510.00
Net cost: €330.00 (+ VAT €159.60)
Special discount for self-employed and students 


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