We give you some TIPS for proper money management!


-Create a budget based on your income and expenses. Cover your current expenses and monthly obligations first. We recommend that you always prefer automatic deduction of these expenses from your bank account since this will save you time instead of waiting in queues to pay and you will feel relieved for the rest of the month since you won't owe any bills. In your monthly expenses don't leave out the things you want to do for yourself such as the gym and expenses related to your grooming.
-If you are a student who has taken a loan from a banking institution, you should start thinking from day one about how you will deal with it and how this will not be a problem after you complete your studies.
-After you have made your budget with your monthly income and expenses try to find ways to save money in cases where you have the opportunity, for example :

     1. It is nice to move around on foot, it has a positive effect on your health and your spirit.
     2. Do your shopping according to your budget. Do market research and look for economical solutions that please you. And remember that you should never shop when you are tired and on an empty stomach.
     3. There are many ways to have fun and enjoy yourself and your friends. Find ways where you can all stay happy and with a full wallet, such as a walk on the beach. If you want to sit down and spend some hours of the day at the place you choose prefer to prepare something from home.
Your inexperience in managing your money can lead you to the big mistake that most people with a lack of money management tend to make. Don't get carried away by the supposed discounts and don't take it as an excuse for shopping, stay focused on your goal. Buy what I need!