Pancyprian Footballers Association (PASP) is the official footballers’ union in Cyprus representing, Cypriot footballers and foreign footballers playing in Cyprus. PASP is an official member of FIFPRO, the worldwide representative union of footballers.
PASP gives the opportunity to its members, male and female soccer players, during their football career, to start creating a second career through
PASP's scholarship program, and its cooperation with universities and colleges in Cyprus.
For the process of obtaining an academic scholarship from PASP, you should first contact the Association at 22466508 / 99244901.
The scholarship program of PASP for male and female footballers, remains in force for the tenth consecutive year, with prospective students able to take advantage of this huge privilege as members of the Association. Some of the educational institutions offer scholarships not only to PASP members. but also to First Degree relatives!
  • University of Nicosia
  • European University
  • Frederick University
  • UCLan Cyprus
  • Neapolis Paphos
  • CIIM
  • Alexander College
  • KES College
  • CTL Eurocollege



Common Questions

1. By what criteria can the student win the scholarship?

In order for a footballer to be eligible to participate in the scholarship scheme of the Pancyprian Footballers' Association (PASP), he or she must:
-To be a member of PASP with the annual subscription paid and to renew the subscription every September.
-Be an active football player with a game history of at least two recent seasons.
-To compete actively in a team during admission and during his studies.
To join through the official process of PASP and Assessments, depending on whether he is a professional or an amateur.
*THE ASSESSMENTS of 2023 for the Scholarships in the 2023/24 season will take place at the GSP on Thursday, JUNE 01.
-If he is an amateur he has the obligation if he is asked to compete in the University team.
-Be able to register for studies (e.g. holder of a high school diploma)
2. How many scholarships are offered for the year 2023/2024?
There is no specific number of scholarships and all our members who meet the criteria are eligible for a scholarship.
3. What documents do students need to apply for a scholarship?
- Member Registration Form (if not already a member of PASP)
- Assessments - Scholarships
-  Affirmation
- High school diploma
- Active Health Card (from CSO)
- Certification from his team on letterhead with stamp and signature of the President or General Secretary (when necessary, e.g. Amateur Leagues).