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Seminars for architects, designers and builders!

The UDC Training Center has launched a series of seminars to fill the gap in information and training of staff in the architect, builder and designer industries.
20 March 2023 Read More

The concept of Career Counselling

''Career Counselling tends to build up the student at a developmental level and to provide him/her with the basis of information that will lead to future experiences, enhancing his/her ability to set more realistic goals ....''
09 February 2023 Read More

Benefits of music in our lives

Learning a musical instrument can greatly develop and improve children's ability to pay attention and concentrate, but also drastically reduce anxiety disorders that may affect the normal functioning of the brain.
07 February 2023 Read More

Constantinos loizou turned his passion for sports into a career

''There are a lot of positive things doing this job. First and foremost, having the joy of contribution when helping individuals achieve their goals is of highest value. For me it is the most important part of the job.''
01 February 2023 Read More

Learn English

We must realize that learning English is a requirement for accomplishing our objectives. Here are some reasons for why you should keep studying and using the English language.
30 January 2023 Read More

Τα μυστικά ανάληψης διευθυντικής θέσης

''Ένα άτομο με ικανότητες, πάθος για τον τομέα και έφεση για τη φύση αυτής της δουλειάς μπορεί να πετύχει ανεξαρτήτως ακαδημαϊκού υποβάθρου που μπορεί να κατέχει...''
16 January 2023 Read More

Factors influencing the decision-making process

Adolescence is a peculiar period in a person's life, where he or she is in biological and psychological turmoil. However, despite all the psychological and biological turmoil he is experiencing, he is called upon to choose wisely and maturely ...
16 January 2023 Read More

Professionals qualifications

Increasingly, when recruiting a candidate, in addition to personality, ethics, and the basic qualifications required for the position, employers are looking for that individual who is seeking to broaden their knowledge through the acquisition of ...
22 December 2022 Read More

Μνημόνιο Συναντίληψης μεταξύ Πανεπιστημίου UCLan Cyprus και Ερευνητικού Κέντρου SYNTHESIS

Μνημόνιο Συναντίληψης υπέγραψαν πρόσφατα το Πανεπιστήμιο UCLan Cyprus και το Ερευνητικό Κέντρο SYNTHESIS στους χώρους του Πανεπιστημίου.
21 December 2022 Read More

Press release AUCY

Notre Dame University- Louaize (NDU) and The American University of Cyprus, Larnaca (AUCY), sign a Memorandum of Understanding to expand global academic opportunities for students and faculty members.
05 December 2022 Read More